Burny guitars

Lawsuit Guitars

Lawsuit guitars are high-quality copies of popular American brand name guitars (like Fender and Gibson) produced by Japanese companies in the 1970s. These Japanese lawsuit guitars are of legendary quality and are highly sought after. There are still gems to be found, on eBay or Reverb for example, and a lot of these auctions are …

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Kenny Burrell

Kenny Burrell

There are few players that have had a longer and more influential career than the great jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell. Burrell has inspired countless guitarists to make the switch from blues and rock to jazz with his own unique style of blues and bebop inspired playing. Kenny Burrell has been a high-in-demand guitarist during his …

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Cmaj7 drop 2 inversion 1

Chord Inversions

In this lesson, we’re going to have a look at chord inversions. A good grasp of inversions is one of those things many guitarists lack. Inversions can be daunting at first, but they seem a lot more complex than they really are. Here’s why chord inversions are useful: Inversions open new possibilities and enable you to …

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Dominant chords

Dominant Chords

In this lesson, you’ll learn how dominant 7th chords work, how they are formed and why dominant chords are called dominant.

We’ll also have a look at how they look on the guitar and how they are used in jazz and other genres of music.

C major 7 jazz guitar chords

Major Chords

Major 7 chords are the most commonly used chords in jazz.

In this lesson, You will start with the basic major 7th chord, before moving on to more advanced major chords such as major 6, maj9, maj6/9, maj13, maj7#11, and maj7#5.

Cm7 drop 3 inversions 2

Minor Chords

In this lesson, you will learn how to play the many shapes and colors of minor chords.

You will start with the basic minor 7th chord, before moving on to more advanced minor chords such as m6, m9, m11, and mMaj7.

C major 7 jazz guitar chords

Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary

This jazz guitar chord dictionary is a reference to help you find great-sounding 7th-chord voicings to play and improvise over jazz standards.

The 244 chord shapes in the chord dictionary are essential knowledge for any jazz guitarist and will enable you to comp chords with confidence.

John Coltrane Giant Steps

Giant Steps

There are few tunes in the jazz repertoire that strike fear in the heart of players such as the John Coltrane tune “Giant Steps,” which can be a challenge from both a soloing and comping perspective. When guitarists first begin to explore John Coltrane’s Giant Steps changes, this series of chords can seem like an …

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Grant Green

Grant Green

Learn how to play jazz guitar in the style of Grant Green.

Grant Green was a legendary guitar player, and it’s a good idea to study his concepts and licks.

Bossa Nova

Latin Jazz Guitar Rhythms

Songs like Wave, Dindi, Blue Bossa, and Corcovada have long been part of the jazz repertoire.

In this lesson, you will learn to play Brazilian jazz guitar with these 10 Latin guitar rhythms from Brazilian and Cuban music traditions. Rhythms patterns include bossa nova, samba & salsa.

Diminished Chord Chart

Diminished Chords

Although diminished chords are not used as often as major and minor chords, you should have a good understanding of these chords because they show up in many jazz standards.

Diminished chords are usually used as a passing chord or as a substitute for dominant chords. In this lesson, you will learn all the necessary diminished chord shapes and how to use them in your playing.

Freddie Green

10 Essential Jazz Guitar Chord Rhythms

Besides learning chord shapes, it’s also important that you develop your right-hand technique. Rhythm is an important aspect of playing chords because it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!

In this lesson you will learn 10 essential jazz guitar chord rhythms that every jazz guitarist should know.

How to Read Jazz Chords and Lead Sheets

In this lesson, you will learn how to read jazz chords on lead sheets the way they appear in fake books such as the Real Book.

You will learn how to color your chords, use chord tensions and substitutions while making sure your chords don’t clash with the melody.

Jazz funk guitar

Jazz Funk Guitar

Learn how to play jazz-funk guitar, combining smooth jazz chords with the rhythmic fills of funk.

This lesson covers the basics of funk guitar, including chord rhythms and soloing.

Tritone solo

Tritone Substitution

Tritone substitution is one of the most popular chord substitutions in jazz. The tritone concept is very versatile and can be used for soloing, comping and composition.

In this lesson, you will learn what tritone substitution is and how you can apply it on the guitar.

Minor blues scale chart

Blues Scales – The Major and Minor Blues Scale

The blues scale is a very versatile scale and one that is easy to finger on the guitar. There are 2 types of blues scales, the minor blues scale and the major blues scale.

In this lesson, you will learn how to build both blues scales, how to apply them to your jazz solos, how to finger them on the guitar + sample licks and solos.


Misty – Chord Melody & Solo Studies

In this jazz guitar lesson, you will learn how to play Misty, a great and fun-to-play jazz ballad written by Errol Garner.

You will learn a chord melody arrangement and how to solo over Misty’s chords (backing tracks included).

The Minor Pentatonic Scale

The minor pentatonic scale is usually one of the first scales you learn as a guitar player. It is used a lot in blues, rock, and pop, but many jazz guitar players seem to neglect this scale.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, because the pentatonic scale is very useful, in jazz as well as other genres.

In this lesson, you will learn all the necessary fingerings of the minor pentatonic scale, and how you can use it to spice up your jazz solos.

G diminished scale diagram 1

The Diminished Scale

The diminished scale is used to improvise over Diminished chords, which occur quite frequently in jazz chord progressions. This scale is built by alternating whole and half steps.

In this lesson, you will learn the theory behind diminished scales, as well as how to use them in your jazz guitar solos.

Minor blues chord progressions

Minor Blues Chord Progressions

In this jazz guitar lesson, you will learn 11 variations of the minor blues chord progression and 2 guitar chord studies over the minor blues.

Comping over a minor blues tune is an essential skill for any jazz guitarist, as minor blues tunes are some of the most commonly called songs on jam sessions.

Charlie Parker

50 Bebop Jazz Guitar Licks

Build your jazz guitar vocabulary by learning these 50 classic bebop jazz guitar licks, as well as the important concepts behind each lick.

Learning to understand the concepts behind jazz licks is one of the most important aspects of building a jazz vocabulary.

Barney Kessel Jazz Guitar Licks

Barney Kessel Jazz Guitar Licks

In this lesson, you will learn 9 jazz guitar licks and a blues solo in the style of the great bebop player Barney Kessel.

Besides learning the vocabulary, you will also learn the concepts behind these jazz phrases.

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