Georgia on my Mind

Georgia on my Mind was composed in 1930 by Hoagy Carmichael, who also made the first recording of the song with his orchestra featuring Hoagy on vocals, Eddie Lang on guitar, and Bix Beiderbecke on cornet (his last recording session). In 1960, Ray Charles recorded his famous version, which was a number one hit all over America and became the official state song of Georgia in 1979.

In this lesson, you will learn a chord melody arrangement of Georgia on my Mind.

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Georgia on my Mind (Hoagy Carmichael)

Recommended listening:

  • Hoagy Carmichael – single (1930)
  • Django Reinhardt – single (1936)
  • Billie Holiday – single (1941)
  • Ray Charles – The Genius Hits the Road (1960)
  • Wes Montgomery – Down Here on the Ground (1968)
  • Lenny Breau – Guitar Sounds (1968)
  • Joe Pass & Herb Ellis – Jazz/Concord (1972)
  • Tal Farlow – A Sign of the Times (1977)
  • Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass – Speak Love (1983)
  • John Scofield – Pick Hits Live (1987)



Georgia on my Mind – Video & Guitar Tabs

Georgia on my Mind - Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Arrangement



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Georgia on my Mind guitar tabs 1

Georgia on my Mind guitar tabs 2

Georgia on my Mind guitar tabs 3

Georgia on my Mind guitar tabs 4

Georgia on my Mind guitar tabs 5

Georgia on my Mind guitar tabs 6

Georgia on my Mind guitar tabs 7

Georgia on my Mind guitar tabs 8


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31 thoughts on “Georgia on my Mind”

  1. Anonymous

    Do you have the Band in a Box file available for download?

  2. Anonymous

    hey, just wondering why you did not include Martin Taylor’s version of this in the recommended listening. great version. This is also a lovely and well played version. Thank you so much.

    1. Anonymous

      Hi, i’m a freshman to this guitar and also listened to the martin taylor’s version but i thought it was a completely different song haha so actually they are the same huh?

  3. ken

    You guys sshould do a big series on Joe Pass Chord phrases and chord subs… i know its a huge undertaking but nobody online has done it yet..Great performance of Georgia

  4. Martin

    A lovely arrangement. Thank you Dirk!

  5. Pedro Noleto

    Hi Dirk! Very beautiful arrangement, so well played, with the bass swinging. Really high level, and this song deserves… Perfect sound recording, not to mention the tone of your gorgeous Gibson ES-175. Congratulations, master. All the best from Brasilia, Pedro Noleto

  6. Anonymous

    excelente, continue mandando chord melody, e agradeço sua generosidade. Grato

  7. Alan

    Fantastic, thank you. Love the chord diagrams.

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks… I’ll certainly have a look at this.

  9. Carlos Fernandez deza

    I love this song, very nice job. Deza.

  10. Igor

    Surprisingly very tender version. Excellent work/

  11. Joseph A Trongone

    Love the chord inversions with the bass lines.

  12. Eric

    That was once again a scrumptious arrangement. Thanks Dirk.

  13. Anonymous

    Top demais música memorável.

  14. Geo

    Excellent, absolutely love it. Thank you!

  15. Richard

    The hours I will spend learning this song will be time well spent. Thank you, Dirk.

  16. Anonymous

    Geweldig arrangement. Mag ik vragen welke snaren je gebruikt op de ES-175? Klinkt erg goed.

    1. Dirk Laukens

      Hey, ik gebruik Thomastik JS112 snaren.

      1. Herman Pijnenburg

        Dank je. Zijn die ook geschikt voor een L5? Gebruik nu Thomastik JB 014 en overweeg om over te stappen op D’daddario Chromes ECG 24.

  17. Wolfgang

    That’s what I looking for, thanks a lot!

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