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Pat Metheny - Two for the Road Licks

Pat Metheny

Known for his enormous contribution to jazz and electric guitar, Pat Metheny has become a household name over his long and illustrious career. Pat Metheny manages to combine virtuosity with accessibility, resulting in music that is pleasing for two kinds of audiences, hence his popularity. 5 Licks From Two For The Road While Pat Metheny …

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Kenny Burrell

Kenny Burrell

There are few players that have had a longer and more influential career than the great jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell. Burrell has inspired countless guitarists to make the switch from blues and rock to jazz with his own unique style of blues and bebop inspired playing. Kenny Burrell has been a high-in-demand guitarist during his …

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Barney Kessel Jazz Guitar Licks

Barney Kessel Jazz Guitar Licks

In this lesson, you will learn 9 jazz guitar licks and a blues solo in the style of the great bebop player Barney Kessel.

Besides learning the vocabulary, you will also learn the concepts behind these jazz phrases.

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