Fly Me To The Moon Chords

Fly Me to the Moon is one of the most famous and recognizable jazz standards ever. In this lesson, you will learn how to play the chords and chord progression of this popular song.

Fly Me to the Moon Chords

In the chord study below, you will mostly learn basic jazz guitar chords and voicings such as minor 7, major 7, dominant 7, and half-diminished 7.

But, you will also learn chord voicings with extensions, such as minor 9, minor 11, dominant 9, dominant 7b9, dominant 7#9, suspended chords, 6/9 chords, and diminished chords over dominants.

I kept the rhythm as simple as possible, as kind of a pop ballad, so you can concentrate on smoothly switching between the chords and getting the voicings under your fingers.

I end the chord study with a typical jazz ending (bar 31).

Instead of the dominant (G7) going to the tonic (Cmaj7), it goes first to the bVI (Abmaj7) and then the bII (Dbmaj7), before finishing on the I (C6/9).

This is called modal interchange, the bVI is borrowed from the relative minor key (Aeolian), and the bII is borrowed from the Phrygian mode.


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    Thanks my good Brother you are doing wonderful work you are open my mind ‘learning chord profession and very advance music of all time keep it up your good may God bless you uf you can please give me chord that start in the middle of guitar not so much near the neck of a guitar if you can thank you somuch my brother also with tabs and Score staff notation i would like to keep in touch with you to more advice from you iam 59 years but i still willing to learn

  3. Constantinos

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    Thanks, lovely. I assume the second chord in bar 30 is a G9 rather than a D?

    1. Alan

      Betrayed by the notes – anew! 😉

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    Thanks very much for these lessons. They are really giving finger stamina, strumming practice and learning new chords. I really appreciate the lessons. I hope I’ll get brave and try the course one day. In the meantime thank you sincerely.

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