The similarities between half-diminished and major 7 chords

Half-Diminished Chords

Half-diminished seventh chords are minor chords with a flat five and are commonly used as the first chord in minor-key ii V I progressions. It’s important to have this type of chord with all its inversions under your fingers because they are used in almost every jazz standard. In this lesson, you will learn how …

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Jazz funk guitar

Jazz Funk Guitar

Learn how to play jazz-funk guitar, combining smooth jazz chords with the rhythmic fills of funk.

This lesson covers the basics of funk guitar, including chord rhythms and soloing.

Tritone solo

Tritone Substitution

Tritone substitution is one of the most popular chord substitutions in jazz. The tritone concept is very versatile and can be used for soloing, comping and composition.

In this lesson, you will learn what tritone substitution is and how you can apply it on the guitar.

All of Me – Chord and Single Note Soloing

All of Me is a great jazz standard to practice your solo and improvisation skills on.

In this lesson, you will combine chord comping and improvisation over the changes of All of Me (in the style of Joe Pass). Being able to mix single-note solos and chord comping is an essential skill for jazz guitarists of all levels.

Jim Hall

Top 10 Best Jazz Guitar Solos ( + 10 Licks)

This lesson is the result of a survey among our subscribers. The question was “What is the best jazz guitar solo ever played?”.

The names that made it to the top 10 are Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, Pat Metheny, George Benson, Charlie Christian, Pat Martino, Jim Hall, Django Reinhardt, Kenny Burrell, and Grant Green.


How to Play Maj7 Arpeggios

Maj7 arpeggios are a must-know concept for any jazz guitarist, but they can be difficult to get under your fingers when working these shapes around the entire fretboard. Finding a system to organize your maj7 arpeggios can make playing and soloing with maj7 arpeggios easy, as you will be able to think less about the …

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Triad Superimposition

Upper Structure Triads

Upper structure triads are useful for bringing new elements into your solos and comping. Upper structure triads and superimposition are something that you will hear popping up all on recordings by just about every single well-known jazz musician. As with every new improvisational device, the most important part is getting your ear acclimated to this …

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