Nature Boy

Nature Boy was written by eden ahbez (his real name was George Alexander Aberle) in 1947 and recorded by Nat King Cole in 1948. Cole’s recording became a no 1 hit for eight weeks and sold over a million of copies. In this lesson, you will learn how to play the melody and chords of Nature Boy.

Nature Boy

eden ahbez (he didn’t capitalize his name) was a member of the “Nature Boys”, a group of nomadic hippies that wore long hair and beards and ate only raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts. At the time of the release of Nature Boy, eden was living under the L of the Hollywood sign in LA.

Recommended listening:

  • Nat King Cole – Single (1948)
  • Django Reinhardt – From Paris with Love (1949)
  • Miles Davis (with Charles Mingus) – Blue Moods (1955)
  • John Coltrane – The John Coltrane Quartet Plays (1965)
  • Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass – Fitzgerald & Pass… Again (1976)
  • George Benson – In Flight (1976)
  • Kurt Elling – The Messenger (1997)
  • David Bowie – Moulin Rouge! soundtrack (2001)
  • Jimmy Rosenberg – The One and Only (2006)
  • Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga – Cheek to Cheek (2014)


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Nature Boy – Melody

The melody of Nature Boy is almost entirely in the A natural minor scale, except for bars 5-6 and 21-22 where it follows the line cliché (A-G#-G-F#).

Nature Boy - Easy Jazz Guitar Melody


Listen & Play-Along

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Nature Boy jazz guitar melody page 1

Nature Boy jazz guitar melody page 2

Nature Boy Melody Guitar Pro 8 FileDownload Guitar Pro 7 File


Nature Boy – Chords

Most chords in this arrangement are basic jazz guitar chords. The rhythm takes some time to get used to but is easy to play once you get it under your fingers.

Nature Boy - Jazz Guitar Chords


Listen & Play-Along

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Natureboy Jazz Guitar Chords page 1

Natureboy Jazz Guitar Chords page 2

Natureboy Jazz Guitar Chords page 3

Natureboy Jazz Guitar Chords page 4

Natureboy Jazz Guitar Chords page 5

Natureboy Jazz Guitar Chords page 6

Nature Boy Chords Guitar Pro 8 FileDownload Guitar Pro 7 File


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  1. Arto

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    1. Dirk Laukens

      Hi Arto, it’s a Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb, great amp!

  2. Hans Westermeier

    Super!!! Vielen Dank von Hans!

  3. Hervé

    >Thank you very much, Dirk.
    Why not a small solo of which you have the secret ?

  4. Cary

    A favourite melody, thank you Dirk

  5. Anonymous

    my mother use to sing this song to me when I was young.I will learn it in her memory thanks Dirk!

  6. Martin

    Much appreciated Dirk – Superb lesson and arrangement – Thankyou!

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    Always one of my favorites. Thanks Dirk.

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    Thank you Dirk, really great

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    I am so happy to have the notes on Nature Boy, but I need to practice all chords.

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