Solar (Miles Davis)

Solar is a jazz standard made famous by Miles Davis but actually written by jazz guitarist Chuck Wayne. In this lesson, you will learn how to play the melody of Solar and how to solo over its chord changes.

The studies in this lesson expose you to licks and scales that will expand your playing as a whole. Work them with a metronome and backing tracks, and break them down in your playing.

Not only will you become better at playing Solar, but you will also become a better jazz guitarist at the same time.


Solar (Miles Davis) Jazz Guitar Lesson - Melody & Solo


Solar – The Melody

Here are the lead sheet and the guitar tabs of Solar’s melody.


Listen & Play Along

Solar Melody and Lead Sheet


Solar Backing Track

Here is a backing track you can use to practice improvising over Solar.


Solar Backing Track (150 BPM)


Solar – Harmonic Analysis

The chords of Solar are pretty straight-forward, mainly 251s.

The harmony has three modulations:


Solar harmonic analysis


Bars 1-2 | C Minor

he first two bars are in C minor.

The melody is in the C melodic minor scale here, and that’s also a good choice for the solos.


C melodic minor scale


Another option is C Dorian, the second of the guitar modes.


C Dorian mode


Bars 3-6 | F Major

In the next four bars, the harmony modulates to F major with a ii V I chord progression.

The scale of choice here is the F major scale.


F major scale


To create some variation, you can play the C altered scale over C7.


C altered scale


Bars 7-9 | Eb Major

The progression in bars 7 to 9 is a ii V I in Eb major.

Use the Eb major scale over this chord progression.


Eb major scale


Bars 10-11 | Db Major

The next two bars feature a short ii V I progression, this time in Db major.

Use the Db major scale here.


Db major scale


Bar 12 | C Minor

Bar 12 features a short minor ii V back to the tonic minor.

Here, the scale of choice is the C harmonic minor scale or the C altered scale.


C harmonic minor scale


Solar – Soloing Study

Here’s the jazz guitar solo that you can learn and apply to your own solos.

The solo is built with a series of classic licks, mixed with scale and arpeggio concepts that you can take out of this study and explore further in your playing.


Listen & Play Along

Solar jazz guitar solo page 1

Solar jazz guitar solo page 2

Solar jazz guitar solo page 3


Download Solar Guitar Pro FileGuitar Pro File


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