Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore is a classic swing standard written by Duke Ellington, who recorded it with his orchestra in 1940 (under the title Never No Lament). Two versions of the song became a number one hit in the US R&B charts in 1943, the Duke Ellington version and a cover by The Ink Spots. In this lesson, you will learn a chord melody version of Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.

Duke Ellington - Dont Get Around Much Anymore

The form of Don’t Get Around Much Anymore is 32 bars long and follows the classic AABA structure.

The song uses a call-and-response technique between sections of the big band, comparable to Stompin’ at the Savoy, an earlier swing-era jazz standard.

The stripped-down chord progression of the A section is Cmaj7 – A7 – D7 – G7.

The B section starts with the IV (Fmaj7), before going to the IVm (Fm7).

Recommended listening:

  • Ella Fitzgerald (with Barney Kessel) – Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook (1957)
  • Joe Pass – Portraits of Duke Ellington (1975)
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