What a Wonderful World

What a Wonderful World was written by Bob Thiele/George David Weiss and recorded by Louis Armstrong in 1967. It was a hit in the UK, but not in the US because Larry Newton (the president of ABC Records) didn’t promote the song on the grounds that he didn’t like it. In this lesson, you will learn an easy fingerstyle chord melody arrangement of What a Wonderful World.

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Eventually, What a Wonderful World became big in the US as well, after it was featured in the movie Good Morning, Vietnam in 1988.

Recommended Listening:

  • Louis Armstrong – Single (1967)
  • Eva Cassidy – Wonderful World (2004)
  • Israel Kamawiwo’ole – Wonderful World (2007)
  • Kenny Burrell – Tenderly – Solo Guitar Concert (2011)
  • Tommy Emmanuel (with Frank Vignola) – Live from the Balboa Theatre (2011)

This version of What a Wonderful World is arranged with the principles of our course Complete Chord Melody in mind. To learn how to create your own chord melody arrangements, check out the full course… (and use the coupon SUMMER22 to get 20% off).



What a Wonderful World – Video & Guitar Tabs

What a Wonderful World - Easy Jazz Guitar Chord Melody Arrangement



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What a Wonderful World guitar tabs 1

What a Wonderful World guitar tabs 2

What a Wonderful World guitar tabs 3

What a Wonderful World guitar tabs 4

What a Wonderful World guitar tabs 5

What a Wonderful World guitar tabs 6

What a Wonderful World guitar tabs 7

What a Wonderful World guitar tabs 8


What a Wonderful World Guitar Pro FileGuitar Pro File



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20 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World”

  1. Brad

    Please forgive rank stupidity here – I have the same question as John, the B7b9 is notated in the 8th and 5th positions but isn’t the 5th position the D#dim 7th? a few chords on. Should this really be hold the B7b9 for two chords or am I missing something here?

    Great arrangement by the way – almost feel like I can play guitar sometimes (easy when someone else has done all the hard work!) – cheers Dirk!

  2. Redouane

    Thanks, I learn a lot with you

  3. David Swanepoel

    Nice arrangement Dirk . Much appreciated .

  4. Anonymous

    Great song, perfect arrangement…I’ll try to play.
    Thank you Dirk!

    1. John

      Hi, in the 26 part, there ‘re for 2 times
      the B7b9 accord…in 8 and 5 positions…it is right or not?

  5. Hubert

    I learned this last year in E flat, but I really loved your beautiful arrangement of this tune.
    A really under appreciated tune with a timeless message.
    Thank you.

  6. Ger

    Beautiful .. Thank you for sharing this Dirk!

  7. Vazille François

    SUPER il y a très longtemps que je n’avais pas entendu cette mélodie vôtre arrangement est SUPER bravo à vous et encore MERCI

  8. Carlos Donizeti Marcelino

    Beautiful, very good!

  9. Lucio

    Grande arrangiamento, grazie !

  10. Richard M Everhardt

    Great arrangement of this song! I look forward to digging into it!

  11. Mark Senior

    your site is rapidly becoming my favourite jazz guitar place on the web! Another classy arrangement, loving working through the book, thanks!

  12. Ericocean

    Very nice arrangement. Thanks for making this world more wonderful, Dirk.

  13. Ken Rightnour

    I’ve never been a fan of this song ! Until now !!! Well done, beautifully arranged

  14. David

    Thanks for being so generous with sharing your knowledge and instructions on chord melody music.

  15. Anonymous

    A beautiful song, and a beautiful job of arranging it. Thank you so very much.

  16. Anonymous

    Awesome. I learned a basic version of this many years ago when my first kid was born and played that to her many nights when she was coping with her first months on this weird planet. I like the way you interpret the melody and the wealth of voicing is fantastic. There are a lot of thing’s to take away with. Thanks!

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