The Lick

"The Lick"

The Lick is probably the most famous jazz phrase ever, you will literally start hearing it everywhere once it gets in your ears!

The Lick is a bebop phrase that is usually played over a minor 2-5-1 but can be played over other chords as well.

Steely Dan Chords

This short lesson is about a type of chord that occurs frequently in Steely Dan songs and that is known to Steely Dan fans as the ‘mu major chord’ or the ‘µ chord‘. Mu major is another name for an add 2 chord and is nothing more than a major triad with an added 2: …

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My Funny Valentine Chords 9 GIF

10 Ways to Play My Funny Valentine Chord Changes

My Funny Valentine starts with a recognizable descending minor chord progression that you will find in many other jazz standards as well.

In this lesson, you will learn 10 ways to play the chords of this famous progression.

Miles Davis

Top 100 Jazz Albums

This listening guide is a top 100 of jazz albums that don’t have a guitar player in the leading role.

If you are looking for a new jazz music to listen to, this is a great starting place.

The Advancing Guitarist

Top 50 Jazz Guitar Books

There’s a ton of jazz guitar books available nowadays, some are great, some are not so great.

This top 50 compiled by our readers is a great place to start if you are looking for a new book to dive into.

Al Di Meola's Elegant Gypsy

Top 100 Jazz Guitar Albums

Here is a top 100 of best jazz guitar albums, as voted by our readers. If you are new to jazz guitar, this listening guide is a good place to start, with a wide variety of styles and jazz guitarists.

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