Amazing Grace Solo Guitar Arrangement

Amazing Grace is a famous Christian hymn. The music is a variation of the song “New Britain”, which has a Scottish or Irish origin, the composer is unknown though. The lyrics were written by John Newton (England) in the 18th century.

This jazz guitar chord-melody version of Amazing Grace is arranged and played by Vince Lewis:


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Here’s the sheet music with guitar tabs of Vince Lewis’ solo guitar arrangement of Amazing Grace:

Amazing Grace solo guitar arrangement


A bigger and printable version available as a PDF here:

PDF DownloadAmazing Grace Sheet Music PDF

Start of a Beautiful Song

Here is another beautiful solo jazz guitar arrangement of a song called Start of a Beautiful Song, composed and played by Vince Lewis:


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Here is the sheet music for this arrangement:


Start of a Beautiful Song sheet music


A bigger and printable version is available as a PDF here:

PDF DownloadStart of a Beautiful Song Sheet Music PDF



The Easy Guide to Chord Melody and Chord Solos

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35 thoughts on “Amazing Grace Solo Guitar Arrangement”

  1. Tancredo

    There’s a channel of the couple at YouTube, Vince Lewis & Barbara Martin. You can hear their performance there and leave a Like. And maybe incribe yourselves in the channel, it will do a good positive push to their work there.
    And a lot of thanks for this wonderful class on Amazing Grace, I didn’t know the musical inspiration of the song!

    1. Dirk Laukens

      Hi Tancredo, this version here is arranged and played by Vince.

  2. Terence K. Focasan

    I really like to learn chords progression in jazz because i have a lot of song to put up a jazz chords in it

  3. david brown

    I love this thank you’re so much for this great work, please how do I get the mp3 of the amazing grace and Start of a beautiful song
    Here is my email thank you

  4. Scott Paxton

    Great arrangement. The voicing of the chords just bring an already joyous song alive. I would love an mp3 so I can rehearse sections at a time. Thank you so much.

  5. Peter

    Wow!Great.please send me the mp3 of these tune.


    Thank you! Excellent!

  7. Fred Kenyon

    I am playing with an alto sax player. If he plays in key of C as presented on above chart, I have to play my guitar in key of E flat. Am I correct? If so, is there a way to change the sheet music above to E flat for my part? I could capo on third fret I believe but I hate to shorten the range on the neck. Harder to improvise chords (at least for me it is!). Thanks!
    Love this version. Especially with key change you put in. Very unuasual and cool sounding.

  8. Emlyn

    Yes…..loved this piece….very relaxing….and not too difficult either…..with a bit of practice I can play this!……Thanks a lot….

  9. Neville

    So beautiful and soothing to the ear and mind. Thank you.

  10. Jim Davey

    Very nice. Vince is a great player and teacher.

  11. Silverfoxx

    What an apt title for a song, simplicity and classy also . Thank you

  12. Richard Ralston

    Great to see Vince’s material here. He is such a great player and a wonderful friend. I’m glad you like his tone. He plays a Ralston 16″ VL Signature that I build him.

  13. Cedric

    Lovely piece of music and well played but why do guitar players always arpeggiate chords? Gets quite boring and a little irritating. Chord tones played simultaneously would be nice for a change 🙂

    1. Vince

      Hey Cedric…I appreciate your comment, and I don’t always arpeggiate the chords when I play tunes, but a lot of players find it helpful when learning one of my arrangements so that they can hear the notes of chord formations that may be new to them more clearly. That way they can be sure they have the position correctly with the proper notes sounding. Best Regards always..Vince

  14. Steve Melville

    A lovely song. Not too complex, but just enough to be music to the ear. And really well played. Thank you so much, Steve.

  15. Ron D

    This is a neat piece that reflects the melodic focus that Vince places on his performances. Vince is a monster improviser as well, but that’s not the point of this piece. I have all 20 of the Dirk’s premium lessons, and they are each illuminating, fun to play, and well worth the price. Enjoy!

    1. Hunta888

      Ron, What’s your take on the minimum level of proficiency a player should be at before getting into these. I’m certainly not a new player but really get lost on a lot of theory stuff.

  16. Bob Mooney

    This is beautiful to listen to, I’m going to learn this piece, thank you.

    1. Bob B

      Bob ..any chance you worked in RI 20 or so years ago….EE??? Probably not but I had to ask.

  17. ThatsEarlBrother

    Beautiful i might need to add it to my rep.The human family can be the most wonderful unit.Music is a unifier like no other.

  18. Eric M

    Beautiful! I bought one of his christmas albums and I really like his tone and style.

  19. Bill

    Very relaxing, and great tone !!!

  20. Eric Sell

    Very nice!
    I may have missed it elsewhere on here but what are you playin on / through?

  21. Olivier


    If it’s possible, could you send me the mp3 of the arrangement, please ?


    have a nice day

  22. Newton

    t’s really amazing arrangement! Congratulations Vince! MORE FROM THIS!

  23. Oluyinka

    Great lesson, thanks a million. Can you perhaps send me an mp3 of the arrangement?

    1. Dirk Laukens

      Hi Olu, that’s possible, send me your email address please.

  24. Freddy

    Super nice i like it gtrz Freddy

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