Besame Mucho Chords

Here’s a simple (for beginners) chord comping arrangement of Besame Mucho, a Bolero composed in 1940 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez. The most famous jazz guitar recording of Besame Mucho is on Wes Montgomery’s album Boss Guitar.

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Besame Mucho chords page 1


Besame Mucho chords page 2


Besame Mucho chords page 3


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46 thoughts on “Besame Mucho Chords”

  1. Anonymous

    I am having some trouble with bars 68-69 on the Besame Mucho (grant green ) Solo. I wondered if you could give me some advice/analysis? Appreciate it. Well also, bars 72-73.

  2. Jerry

    I am having some trouble with bars 68-69 on the Besame Mucho (grant green ) Solo. I wondered if you could give me some advice/analysis? Appreciate it. Well also, bars 72-73.

  3. Jay

    Thank you.

    I want to know to what schema this chord progression is built upon to make it sound as it does.

  4. Colin

    Great little tune and Bossa Rhythm. Like it.

  5. Randy

    Fabulous! I had enough on my plate when you first emailed me about it that I deferred working on it. But I’ve come back to it and am very glad that I did.

  6. milkmannnv

    Great lesson,I had to break it down to 1, 2 and 4 bar phrases to get the picking pattern down and then apply it to other chord progressions I know,which made learning this lesson easier.Thank you for all these cool chord comping etudes.

  7. Charles

    I really appreciate how you display your lessons. I have a teacher who I receive guitar lessons from each week, but I find that even though I have been reading music on both the guitar and saxophones, the way you illustrate the tabs help me with tab reading. Thanks again!

  8. evabroughtanaxthistime

    Shot for the song! Couldn’t access mailbox for long time, so this was a welcome find. See you’ve sent more goodies, but can only thank you tomorrow, time permitting. Much love…

  9. Bob

    Enjoyed playing along with this very much – Many thanks.

  10. Carlos Camarasa

    I am a profesional musiciam and teacher in Music and guitar and i like this page to use it like examples and lessons for my students , and i recommend them to come here to see the very good stuff you got here.You are doing a great job Dirk,thank you for your work.

  11. jay

    these types of lessons are great! Thank you so much for providing something for people at all different levels of ability. One question (very basic, and should be obvious, but I struggle with this – sorry), what key is this in? Is it Am?

    1. Dirk Laukens

      Hey Jay, yes, the song is in Am. You can easily find the key by playing the chords and listening to which chord would end the tune…

      1. Anonymous

        Hi Dirk, what do the red dots on the frets represent please?

        1. Dirk Laukens

          Hi Lyn, the red dots are the roots (the 1) of the chords.

  12. @WhiteCatzs

    Very nice, is there a way to add the melody line overtop? Maybe that would make it too complicated.

  13. Dana

    cool – what is the best way to print this out?

    1. Dirk Laukens

      Hi Dana, just right click the sheet music somewhere neer the top and select “Print Picture…”. There are 3 pages in this arrangement, just see where the first one ends after printing and you can select the second and then the third one…

  14. Steve

    Very nice, thank you.
    I don’t play Besame Mucho often, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

  15. Roland

    Thanks Dirk,
    Nice arrangement, just teaching it to my son!

  16. Steve

    This was on my list of songs to learn.
    Many Thanks!

  17. Gavin Davis

    As usual great stuff Dirk. Thanks

  18. benjybob

    great to see the chords on the fretboard makes it easy

    eg Bm7(b5) there in blue red black and white

    even faster than the tab thanx

  19. Daniel

    Muchas gracias por la leccion

  20. Darrel

    I REALLY enjoy this lesson! Good job! And like Gerard, I appreciate the tab since my reading abilities still leave a bit to be desired! Again, thanks!

  21. Gerard

    Always appreciate these. Best lessons anywhere. I don’t read music as others more formally schooled might, so tab with notations are huge benefit. Thank you!

    1. Stanley

      I will just say that I had no formal music education but i was able to teach myself with books from the library–before there was an internet. It’s easy now–and well worth it

  22. Carlos Camarasa

    Well done, but i think the first beat of each bar, must be writed like a eight note with a dot ,and a sixteen note,better than two eight notes, if you want to write what it sounds in de demo,just sayin, but you do a great job here,and with your lessons,thank you.

    1. Roderick Camelia

      Hello Carlos, you’re making a very good observation.

      What’s actually ocurring is that he’s playing the first 2 eigth-notes as “swing eights”. (If you’re not familiar with the term, it means that the 2 eigth-notes are played as the 1st and 3rd note of an eigth-note triplet.

      This is stylistically not correct, since this song is a bolero and the bolero uses only “straight eighths”.

      I have a latinjazz group and the bolero is one of the styles that we play. If you would like to here several examples of them, go to and click on any “bolerojazz”.

      Hope this will help.

      1. Carlos Camarasa

        Hello roderick ,what sounds in the demo,are not a swing feel,listen carefully,they are what i said before. I am very sure of this,i know perfectly what is the different of a swing feel , based on triplets , and what is a sixteen notes feel,used in this case,they are very close,but they are different. You can go also to my youtube , youtube/camarasaurus . ANd i have seen right now that Dirk did the correction very well.

    2. Dirk Laukens

      You’re right guys, fixed it…

      1. Carlos Camarasa

        Well done Dirk, now is perfect.

  23. rafael guerrero

    Gracias muy bueno…..

  24. rick

    well presented the blue against the beige.

    1. Johan Guitarmate

      Thank you for this Dirk!!

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