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The Never Ending Jazz Guitar Lick

This guitar lick is a good exercise to get some common chromatic patterns into your fingers. It's a good idea to create and study licks like this one for all scales and on all places of the fretboard. Such exercises deepen your knowledge of the fretboard.



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Here's the audio:


Normal Tempo

Slow Tempo


Here are the guitar tabs, the end not of the lick is the same as the begin note, so you can play it in loop (like I do in the audio of the slow version).


The Never Ending Jazz Guitar Lick


Here's another never ending guitar lick, it's the solo break of Pat Metheny's "Third Wind" (from the album Still Life (Talking). The lick is full of chromatism and pentatonic scales. More Pat Metheny Licks...


Pat Metheny Guitar Lick


And yet another never ending lick (by Pat Martino), mostly in the Dorian mode. More Pat Martino Licks Here


Pat Martino Guitar Lick


Learn more about chromatic playing in this guitar lesson: Chromatics: Turning Scales Into Jazz

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