How To Play Jazz Guitar In The Style Of Wes Montgomery

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Wes Montgomery is considered by many guitar players to be the greatest jazz guitarist ever. He is also often cited as the most influential jazz guitarist since Charlie Christian and inspired countless guitarists to pick up the instrument.

Now, with Jazz Guitar in the Style of Wes Montgomery, you too can be inspired by Wes Montgomery's playing as you learn how to play lines, octaves, chords and tunes in the style of "The Thumb".

Click Here to Download a Sample...

Now, with Jazz Guitar in the Style of Wes Montgomery, you too can be inspired by Wes Montgomery's playing as you learn how to play lines, octaves, chords and tunes in the style of "The Thumb".

Click Here to Download a Sample...

What Will You Learn?

  • Classic Wes Blues lines and phrases.
  • Wes Montgomery's approach to Bebop soloing.
  • Wes' common scale and arpeggio choices.
  • Wes Montgomery's octave and chord soloing approach.
  • Analyze his most famous compositions.
  • Get the "3-tier" approach to building a solo into your playing.
  • And more!

What You Get:

  • 5 Chapters (196 pages) packed with essential Wes Montgomery lines, chords, octaves and theoretical concepts.
  • Easy to understand, detailed explanations of each concept in the book so players of any level of experience can learn from this material.
  • 158 audio examples to get these concepts in your ears and fingers.
  • All examples in tab and notation for easy comprehension of the material.
  • Backing tracks to help you apply this material to your own solos and comping.
  • Enough studying material to keep you busy for years.
  • All for less than the price of one private guitar lesson!

Learn from the master of jazz guitar and download your copy of How to Play Like Wes Montgomery today:

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Price: $19.99

Comments (21)

Maliko Fuz

I just discovered this website ♡♡

I didn't buy yet this one, but what i can say?

All products are quality, thank you very much for this huge publication and work. Fuz Maliko.

Robert Robson

I have several publications from All are well set out and straightforward to follow. Well done in producing this one which is a really worthwhile resource.

John Latch

Great course! Well presented & comprehensive.

Glad I bought it.


Great resource material on the the greatest Jazz guitarist in my book. Excellent examples and explanations. Not just a book on licks. Theory and application is top notch.

Dennis Casey

Excellent gateway to Mongomery land with, take it straight to the gig ideas, very comprehensible, good job. Dennis



Is there a posibility to see a sample of the book (as in the arpegios book)?Thanks a lot!

Matt and Dirk

Yes, just click "Click Here to Download a Sample" or visit this link here

Mr Boink

Excellent material, thanks for putting it out.


from Italy: this is a very good product to meet wes, the examples are simple but very well choosen to understand the style of this great guitarist. I'm completely satisfied! thanks and keep on creating for us aspiring guitarists

Toni from Spain

Priceless help to try to understand the greatest guitar genius.

Tony Richards

Another great book from one of the best teachers and players out there. Dr. Warnock nails it yet again.


Gratulations Dirk Laukens, phantastic material for directly working. I started with my guitar, my looping pedal on amp and it sounds great. I played guitar a long time before, so it´s easy to understand and get a good feeling for playing jazz, thank you for this ebook.

b bailey

A very good ebook, well done!


Jazz leren spelen is oefenen, oefenen en oefenen. Dit e-book is begrijpelijk, met logische oefeningen en is een goede gids aan de hand van de jazz van Wes


These e-books are so full of informative and useable information, easy to understand.. At such a low cost too what a pleasure.

Keep up the great work Dirk!


This is a must have book, excellent! Every aspiring guitarist should purchase it .


Awesome book and I really liked the history or Wes' story, didn't know he worked in a factory while playing great music. If you are new or not up to speed get a program to slow down the samples, they are at a pretty quick temp and it will help in the learning process. Maybe if there were sound samples at half speed to go with the full tempo sounds.


Just excellent. Thanks for putting this together.

vincenzo varasano

Thanks to your publication I could easily understand the language of jazz composers represented. I found, in all publications purchased, a simple language that made the original works of the air training more effective and inclusive.


I haven't yet applied these lessons to my playing yet but after a review of the material it looks well done and delivered in a organized approach. There's a lot phrasing, octaves, chords ideas in here that I'm very excited to try out. One thing could be better. I would like to see the written music when I'm playing the sound bite (when you click play, you go to a web page and away from the i-book). This doesn't detract from the quality of the material.


Is it challenging? - Yes
Is it worth it? - Without a doubt.
Well written and well organized, if you stick with it it'll be well worth your time.

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