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How to Play in the Style of Charlie Christian


How to Play in the Style of Charlie Christian
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Charlie Christian is one of the most legendary guitarists and the father of jazz guitar. Not only did he help to bring jazz guitar soloing into the modern era, he influenced many of the great players that followed him, including Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, and Barney Kessel.

Because of his electrifying solos, innovative performances, and groundbreaking concepts, Christian is one of the most popular guitarists to study when learning jazz guitar. In this eBook, you’ll break down and learn the concepts behind Christian’s solos, dozens of lines in his playing style, and full solos over Christian’s favorite jazz standards

By working on the material in this eBook, you’ll not only get classic Christian lines under your fingers, you’ll understand the concepts behind his playing, so you can apply those ideas to any musical situation.

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What will you learn?

  • Essential chord shapes that Christian used to build his soloing lines.
  • Scale shapes that Christian used to create his most memorable phrases.
  • Christian’s arpeggio fingerings that you can use to outline chords.
  • Chromatic notes, phrasing, chord subs, and other Christian soloing concepts.
  • Dozens of soloing lines in the style of Charlie Christian.
  • Full solos that use Christian’s classic lines and phrases over his favorite tunes (Dinah, Rose Room, and Seven Come Eleven).
  • And Much More

When you buy How to Play Guitar in the Style of Charlie Christian, you get:

  • Detailed explanation of Charlie’s favorite soloing concepts laid out in easy to follow and understand language.
  • More than 100 musical examples in both tab and notation to make it easy to learn Christian’s go to soloing concepts and techniques.
  • Over 100 audio examples to accompany the tab and notation.
  • Backing tracks, so you can practice the material in a real life manner.
  • Tips on how to practice and take each Charlie Christian soloing concept further in the practice room.
  • Enough concepts and material to keep any guitarist busy for months, or even years.
  • All for one low price!


If you’re a fan of Charlie Christian, or just want to explore the soloing concepts of the father of jazz guitar, then click the button below to download your ebook:

Add to Cart Price: $19.99


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This book breaks down the playing style of the father of jazz guitar. Each concept is easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to directly apply to my playing. I love the way the book includes techniques like scales and chords, but also licks and full solos that get Charlie's sound in my playing. A must have book for any jazz guitarist.


It's help, I will practice!

Oral Washington

Excellent Resource! Someone mention a Djandgo Reinhardt influence. I honestly cannot hear this. Also given that they were born just ten years difference I doubt it.


Great book! I think I need it!

Yes, Wes Montgomery was inspired by Charlie Christian, but also was inspired by founder of the gypsy jazz Django Reinhardt. Wes took the Django's octaves technique, and involved it into his technique especially! That's why guitar of Wes sounds recognizable!

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