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Gabor Szabo Guitar Licks

Gabor Szabo Guitar Tab : Licks

Gabor Szabo was born in Budapest, Hungary on March 8, 1936. He started playing guitar when he was 14. He escaped communism in Hungary when he was 20 and settled with his family in California.

In 1958 Gabor Szabo started studying in Berklee and finished there in 1960. In 1961 he joined Chico Hamilton's band. When he was replaced by Larry Coryell in 1966, Gabor Szabo started his solo career and recorded Spellbinder. Carlos Santana was greatly influenced by this album (he covered 'Gypsy Queen' and made it a hit in 1970).

Gabor Szabo mainly played acoustic guitar. He experimented with many music styles like rock, Indian music, pop and gypsy music. From the 70s on his music became the victim of Szabo's commercial aspirations.

Also in the 70s he visited his homeland several times, where he played with local talents. During his last visit in 1982 he got problems with his liver and kidneys, got hospitalized and died close to his 46th birthday.

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