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    Quote Originally Posted by wengr
    I have an Eastman John Pisano ar880ce. Its personal I know, but for me it's got the best neck specs and feel of any guitar I have ever owned.
    If I was to have a custom commission, I would want to take the Eastman to the builder and say "here - make it feel like this".
    Fellow 880 owner here. Total agreement.


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    Their flat top acoustic models are excellent as well. Great bang for the buck. And their customer service has a good reputation.

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    Eastmans keep getting better every year! My favorite one I owned was the 810CE which I replaced the pickup with a real USA Kent Armstrong PAF floating pickup.
    This design was made on the blue prints of Bob Benedetto archtop book design.

    It definitely has a brighter tone than say a Johnny Smith or L-5 construction.
    More highs and lows and less pronounced mids. Neither better or worse ,just different. These in my opinion are the best deal out their for a new modern archtop.

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    Brilliant Toronto jazz guitarist Reg Schwager also uses an Eastman guitar. I think his main guitar used to be an ES 175 but he had to retire it as it developed unrepairable problems (according to a google jazz guitar group post) more than 10 years ago. Then he switched to a carved Eastman.