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    My final recital before graduation is this weekend. I am continually alternating between excitement, nervousness, anticipation, etc.

    Wish me luck!!


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    Good luck (or as is often said in Show Business, "Break a leg!")So nice to hear another Jazz musician is taking up the torch. Have a long, satisfying career.

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    Best of luck to you!

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    Good luck!!!

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    Good for you! You know the thing about seeing everyone watching in their underwear, right? Works for me.

    I hereby declare that you will shine!

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    Good luck! You will do very well, I'm sure.

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    Best of success to you!

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    Good luck. We're pullin' for ya!

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone!! I will report back when its done.... and if it turns out alright will share some video

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    Rule 'em, baby!

    Best to ya.

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    Break a string!!

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    Thanks for the support everyone. For anyone interested, finally got the video edited and posted it here:

    Full video of my Senior Recital