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The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Chords


The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Chords
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eBook (printable) | 330 pages | tabs, notation & audio | Instant delivery by email
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Jazz guitarists love to play chords. They sound cool on the instrument, are full of colorful extensions, and it’s most of what you do when playing in a jazz combo.

While jazz chords are fun to study and play, many guitarists struggle to know exactly which shapes are best to learn, and how to take those shapes into a musical situation.

These two roadblocks can cause a lot of frustration and time wasted in the practice room as you work on chord shapes you may never use, or practice applying them to tunes in an ineffective manner.

The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Chords will solve both of these problems, and get you playing chords like your favorite jazz guitarists quickly and efficiently.

Covering every essential jazz guitar chord type, in both technical and musical situations, the material in this eBook will take you from day 1 of jazz guitar to comping over standards in no time.


Download a sample PDF from the Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Chords

What will you learn?

  • Play essential jazz guitar chord voicings in multiple keys and positions.
  • Comp the most common jazz chord progressions, including major and minor ii V I progressions.
  • Comp chords over common jazz standards, including Autumn Leaves and Rhythm Changes.
  • Expand your creativity with essential rhythmic and arpeggio variations for each chord shape in the eBook.
  • Understand the theory behind jazz guitar chords and chord progressions, as well as how to analyze jazz standard chord changes.
  • And much, much, more…

With the Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Chords eBook You Get:

  • 330 pages of text, musical examples, and backing tracks for efficient at home study.
  • 226 audio examples with guitar tabs/notation or chord diagrams.
  • Practical, musical examples for each chord concept presented in the book.
  • 28 Slow and fast backing tracks for each chord progression and jazz standard studied in the eBook.
  • A chord dictionary with bonus harmonic exercises to take your jazz guitar chord playing to the next level.
  • Picking hand variations and exercises to develop both hands in the practice room when studying jazz guitar chords.
  • And more…


The Easy Guide to Jazz Guitar Chords will help you learn the most common jazz guitar chord shapes, apply those chords to popular progressions, and teach you to play full jazz songs on guitar. Everything you need to learn to comp with confidence and with an authentic jazz sound.

Add to Cart Price: $24.99


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Comments (18)

5/5 (20)
Steve Syengo

Thankyou for the Ebook..it has helped me alot

Dave W

I got this Guide to Jazz Guitar Chords a few weeks ago and am very happy I did. The drop 2 and drop 3 chords turned out to be a simple concept, and I was already playing quite a few of them. Its very well written-lots of concise info. Glad I got it and I will get others when I get further in this one. Dave in Phoenix.


wow! really awesome and good manual.


Intelligent and easy tu use. I’m enjoing this method

Jan-Willem Rensman

Nice book. Would be good if the chord shapes had some suggested fingerings which enable smooth transitions in common changes. That is what I'm missing, as I'm coming from rock/pop, I have certain worn-in fingering patterns, which I suspect need to change.


Scott MacD

I bought the beginner's package from Matt & Dirk: which included jazz blues, arpeggios, chords and '30 days' books.

As i only have my iPad to get stuff downloaded - using Dropbox - i had a slight problem with 'zip' extension files. However, after getting in touch with Matt he was able to sort it all out for me in double quick time. Thanks Matt.

Great service - well recommended.

Now !.....back to getting those callouses hardened and fingers smokin' !


Great!! Practical, effective! The best way to approach jazz progressions...

Scot Lange

I really like the way (using the colorful chord grids) you explain where the Root,b3,b57th,11,13 Etc. are. VERY clear!!!


Great book, simply great. Practical, detailed and easy to ready at the same time; the step by step approach combined with the exercises is so effective



I started this book exactly at the moment when I started to jam and needed a crash course in jazz comping. Excellent as always – I still have to explore and use to its full the handy chord shapes guide at the end.


I have several of Matt and Dirk's books and what I appreciate about all of them is that everything I need is right in front of me; audio tracks, tab and written content. This kind of organized presentation is invaluable. Jazz guitar is a very complex subject and these books are an excellent roadmap....all I need to do is practice!


Very much worth having, gives you a new perspective if you were stuck as I was...


Musically very handy and useful book but PDF is too big. Wes book with 200 pages has 8,5 MB. Here is 250 MB for 320 pp without embedded audio. This cause problems with free space on tablet (PDF need temporary space for page rendering, no 250 but lot lot more).


Very good guideline. It would be very useful to add an ergonomic chapter which teaches how to play chords ergonomically for the left hand and avoid putting stress. After a while practicing chords I can feel the stress in my hand obviously Im doing something wrong...


I play chord melody almost exclusively lately but this makes me want to learn to comp better and more realistically. It's good to remember that simple can sometimes be the best route through a tune. Good for any level.

I like this. Its great
Djuvens Colas

Merci beaucoup de m'avoir aider. J'ai appris plein de choses avec vous cher ami.

Greg Hammomd

Thanks a lot for help. It will help me, as I am a beginner. Cheers, Greg

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