The Girl From Ipanema Chords

In this lesson you will learn to play the original chords and bossa nova guitar patterns of the classic bossa song The Girl from Ipanema, written by Antonio Carlos Jobim (music) and Vinicius de Moraes (Portuguese lyrics).

The guitar rhythm pattern is fairly simple, the chords are as well. Note that most chord voicings are played with the 5th in the bass.

The first A-section has a slight variation compared to the 2 following A-sections: starting on bar 9, a chromatic Ebm9 to D9 to Db6/9 is played, where as in later A-sections, the progression is replaced by Ab13sus4 to Ab13 to Db6/9.

The Girl From Ipanema Video

Girl From Ipanama Chords


The Girl From Ipanema Chords & Guitar Tabs

Backing Track

The Girl From Ipanema Chords 1


The Girl From Ipanema Chords 2


The Girl From Ipanema Chords 3


The Girl From Ipanema Chords 4



The Girl From Ipanema


Some trivia about The Girl from Ipanema:

  • The song was inspired by a Brazilian girl named Helô Pinheiro, who regularly strolled by the Veloso bar where Jobim and Vinicius frequented. When interviewed later, she told the reporter she would walk by the bar to buy cigarettes for her mother. She also claims she was the first woman on the beach to wear a 2-piece bathing suit.
  • Helô became the Brazilian Playboy Playmate in 1987 and 2003.
  • In 2001, Helô was sued by the heirs of the composers for using the title of the song as the name of her boutique in Sao Paulo. Helô Pinheiro won the case.
  • The Girl from Ipanema has been made famous by the recording of Stan Getz and João Gilberto. For the vocals, they first had Sarah Vaughan in mind, but they eventually convinced Gilberto’s wife, Astrud Gilberto, to do the singing. Astrud had never sung professionally, her first recording became one of the best-selling jazz albums of all time.
  • The Rio de Janeiro district called Ipanema was not a well-known area back then. The song made it the famous beach it is today. The street of the Veloso bar has been renamed to Vinicius de Moraes street.
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72 thoughts on “The Girl From Ipanema Chords”

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Dirk, do you know if there is a backing track with vocals together with these chords
    The lesson is great but this is what I miss
    Kind regards Fred

  2. Rob

    I like these chords. Sounds authentic. Bossa sound. Thanks.

  3. Raoui

    Didn’t know about the sweet story of this fascinating and almost best known bossa all over the world. Thanks buddy 🙂

  4. Max Willow

    Dear Dirk
    I just saw this lesson recently, having been in hospital after fracturing my hip!!
    Congratulations on your take on this wonderful bossa standard
    Best wishes
    Max Willow

    1. Dirk Laukens

      Thanks Max, and I wish you a swift recovery!

  5. Antonio

    Thanks for the fascinating history behind this beautiful bossa song.

  6. Dude Ranch

    Most other sources indicate that this song is in the key of F…

    1. Dirk Laukens

      Hi, The Girl From Ipanema has been played in many different keys, usually to accommodate the singer’s vocal range. This is the key of the original recording. Cheers!

      1. Rodrigo

        Indeed, this is the key of the original João Gilberto recording, but not the original Key of the song. Jobim and Vinicius composed the song in the key of F.

        1. Dirk Laukens

          Hi Rodrigo, did they ever record a version in F? The first recording was done by Pery Ribeiro, in the key of G. According to Wikipedia, most Brazilian recordings are in the key of Db, while most American recordings are in the key of F.

  7. Denise DRC

    Dear Dirk
    This is a great chord tab for me as a beginner jazz guitar player.
    As my son plays the alto sax I would like to play this tune with him.
    Do you have the lead sheet for alto sax in Ab available for download? Of course O would pay for it.
    Thank you for your reply.

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