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    Well, I'm going in... I have picked up a new laptop and the Focusrite is to arrive in the next week or so. My son, who is a very proficient pianist and writes, records, and collaborates, will be assisting me in setting everything up and teaching me the finer points of tracking and recording (I am very feeble minded and impatient with all things electronic). My first selection will be Girl from Ipanema - I'll play guitars, my son on piano, my wife will add the vocals - this should be interesting. Mostly I am excited to collaborate with my son, playing music with him brings us closer together.


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    That sounds wonderful!

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    Have you chosen a DAW and microphones?

    The DAW takes some work and skill depending on how far you want to go.
    Mics are.. solved with money.

    You'll need the DAW regardless, and will need mics for your ensemble plans. If you only buy one mic you'll have to lay down tracks seperately, at least for the piano and vocals. That's not such a bad idea anyway. You can plug the guitar into the Focusrite if you wish, to avoid micing the amp. Or everyone can use the mic one track at a time.

    You can make videos without much hassle too, and use the audio track per the above. An iPad or iPhone (or any smart phone?) will get the video job done. A user friendly video editor enables you to put titles at the beginning and end of your video, fade to black, etc. An added bonus is that nobody has to watch your big old mitt reach into view to turn off the camera, because you snip that portion of the video off.

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    Laptop is in. Focusrite is in. My son is adept at Ableton so I will start with that and have him train me in. I do have a SM58 for live stuff but at the start I will keep it simple and work solely within the system. Sunday is my first lesson. Very exciting...

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    It can go as deep as one could ever want. Have fun.

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    Recorded my first song last night with my son. I have absolutely no idea how he did it, but I learned some shortcuts and methods. It looks like I'll need to go deep in the weeds on this. More to come...