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    Used to have VVT Lindy Fralin, but it got a bit bulky and heavy for me in the end. Interested in the Performer, but nothing on their website about it???? Price?


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    Maybe look for a used Music Man RD50 1x12, 50W, 27 lbs, *massive* clean headroom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDaddyLoveHandles
    Here are some benchmarks, all are 12" combos.

    Evans: JE200, 30lbs
    Henriksen: JazzAmp 112, 32lbs
    JazzKat: PhatKat, 28lbs
    Polytone: MiniBrute II, 28lbs
    ZT: Club, 22lbs
    +1 for the Evans JE200 - it don't get much better if you want clean, lotsa headroom, and light. No, not tubes, but sounds great anyhow. Oh, and it's a 10". I built a matching 10" cabinet for mine and the combination is killer.

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    I also have a Fender (USA) Hot Rod Deluxe 112 - but kind of heavy to lug around. The Performer is a one-off...Jim Hill will build anything you want and is great to work with. I also have the fralin model that is the head version...that is cool too....more portable than a combo. For me the real value of the head is so I can use an EV speaker and not have an overweight combo.What guitar amp for headroom and lightweight?-img_9947-jpg