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    Looking a a few ideas for jazz blues tunes to work on with my teacher. Early intermediate to intermediate level. Any thoughts? Thanks


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    I like this 8 bar blues (done as A, A, B, A); I know it as Herb Ellis Blues:

    Bb6, Eb7 Edim, Dm7 G7, Cm7 F7

    Bb6, Eb7 Edim, Bb6, Bb6

    D7, D7, G7, G7,
    C7, C7, F7, F7

    For the "B" section the Dom7 chords can be alternated: E.g. G7, G7#5, or G7, G13, Etc...

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    You're gonna get more than you could hope for but for starters...

    Jazz Blues Songs List: Top 50 Blues Heads

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    Birk's Works (Dizzy Gillespie)
    Bag's Groove (Milt Jackson)
    Blues for SonnyMoon (Sonny Rollins)
    Now's The Time (Charlie Parker)
    S.K.J (Milt Jackson)
    Blues in The Closet (Oscar Pettiford)
    Sundown (Wes Montgomery)
    Bluesology (Milt Jackson)

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    Thanks all. I'll do my due diligence. I always forget to click on receive emails when folks post and then wonder why I haven't gotten responses!

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    So basically start with reharmonization of a 12 bar Blues form you are already familiar with. There are many possibilities just with that.
    Of course Blues Melodies from Tenor Madness, Turnaround, even more involved forms with a bridge as well like Unit 7 Wes Montgomery

    Also Minor Blues like Work Song, Sugar, or Coltrane"s Cousin Mary, Mr. P.C.

    I believe there's a Joe Pass Method book that explains a lot of this with examples of Charlie Parkers Blues For Alice which is a more involved 32 bar form.

    It really just understanding some basic theory and Tritone Substitution principles, and applying them to your playing or language. Be patient and it will make sense!

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    Some of my favorite jazz bluez. The Jimmy Smith one has Kenny Burrell on guitar which is awesome. They're both 12 bar forms and you can play them either with simple chords or add a few more complex changes. These are the jazz changes I usually fall back on when I'm just messing around. (For any key.)

    F7 - /Bb7 - /F7 - /C-7 F7/
    Bb7 -/Bdim7/F7 - /D7 - /
    G-7 - /C7 - /F7 - /G-7 C7/

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    just about any tune from kenny burrells midnight blue

    a must have note record label president alfred lions fave ever blue note release


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    Quote Originally Posted by jads57
    . Charlie Parkers Blues For Alice which is a more involved 32 bar form.
    B4A is 12 bars, you may be thinking of Yardbird Suite which is like a blues with a bridge = 32 bars.

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    Check out The jazz Guitar Channel on youtube - Richie Zellon has a series of ten easy to learn jazz blues tunes uploaded.

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    There only 12 notes, how hard can it be?

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    $29 and an Alligator Purse by Tom Waits is a simple 12bar but has the coolest parallel dominant 7's pseudo 2-5-1 in it. As in C#7 - F#7 - B7