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    Punjab - Joe Henderson.

    Just out of curiosity. Bop, post-bop, modal, free jazz? I assume not free jazz...


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    post bop


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    Post bop yeah, and a lot of post bop is modal. Modal and post-bop are in large measure synomymous, per Kind Of Blue and what followed.

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    "Straight Ahead Jazz" . . . Play live . . . Marinero

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    I call it "awesome," but yes, would definitely qualify as "post bop."

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    it scares me how many great LPs are out there what I never heard, despite I am doing my "homework", and cherry picked both Joe Henderson both Kenny Dorham recordings in the last few years of spotify and apple music...

    Interestingly if two or more great horn musician doing something McCoy is always nearby It seems he was capable to be present multiple locations same time in those decades.