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    Thought I would post this in case it helps anyone else. I had quite an old version (2011) of BIAB with RealTracks on my ancient PC running Vista. Then I got a new windows 10 PC. I don’t use BIAB much now, not enough to justify an upgrade, so I tried installing it on the new PC just to see if it works. (I have all the original installation disks and most of the RealTracks disks).

    Anyway it installed and ran ok. The only problem was that a lot of the RealTracks disks had degraded somehow and could not be read properly, I have not come across this before. Eventually I just copied the tracks across from my old PC, plus all the associated system files they need. This nearly worked, but a few styles or tracks just wouldn’t play for some reason.

    Browsing the PG forums I read that BIAB does not use the windows registry and all files can be copied across. So then I just went for the ‘nuclear’ option and copied the entire BB folder and contents from my old PC to the new one, including any executables. In other words not using the installation disks at all.

    I haven’t tried all the styles/tracks yet, but so far this has worked perfectly and I have not found any problems with it.


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    (Smiling) I went through the same conundrum. After 3 years of putting out financial fires, I finally was able to buy a new laptop (life is good now). I started out with BIAB 2012, and then I bought 2017 upgrade and then 2018 upgrade.

    I uploaded some old Jazz realtrack CDs that I had and one would not upload. I was wondering if I could just copy those realtracks over to my new computer.

    You have confirmed that I can.

    By the way, just as information for the curious, my old laptop had a 1.6 Ghz processor. I found that when songs would drag when I learned how to program solos and other musical items into a song. My new laptop is 2.7Ghz - 3.3 Ghz and everything plays beautifully.

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    Note that when copying real tracks across, you need to copy 2 things:

    the relevant realtracks folder and and its contents

    the associated .st2 and .xt2 files in the main ‘bb’ folder.

    (Also possibly any relevant ‘STY’ files if you want to pick the styles that use the real tracks.)

    Problem is it’s not clear which of these files relate to which tracks, so I just copied all of them.

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    Incidentally I was able to install my old Finale PrintMusic 2008 program (vista) on Windows 10 from the installation disk. Works perfectly.

    All of which suggests that ‘under the hood’ Windows 10 is not really radically different from vista?

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    At this point, it might be useful to remember that CD & DVD have a certain life expectancy, around 5 to 10 years or so. and that the quality of installation disks is quite unknown.

    4. How Long Can You Store CDs and DVDs and Use Them Again? • CLIR

    So its recommended to copy them on a Memory Card, USB key or HD, etc, but all of them also have a certain life expectancy.
    Probably the safest way is to use a NAS system which automatically keeps them safe.