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    I'm looking for suggestions for a relatively simple digital recorder with built in speaker for playback. Just want to record my own backing tracks (standards, chord progressions), play it back and then practice against the recording in real time. Don't need to double track, add effects, etc. Thanks for any suggestions.


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    zoom h1n

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    The zoom is excellent, but not sure the built in speaker is loud enough to play along with. I just use my phone for what you describe, I put it next to my guitar, record a bit, then have it play back.

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    Use the line out of the zoom. Use it into a bluetooth speaker, or if you need decent volume a second input on your amplifier using 1/8 inch to 1/4 adapter. Or even to your stereo system. Whatever it takes. Get creative with it.

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    Agree with fellow-lefty Alter. I've used a variety of good small recorders in the past but now days I just use my iphone and get plenty-good results.

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    There’s also this gizmo from Boss. I was pretty interested in these when they first came out but never wound up getting one. Was surprised to see they still have it in their product line. Maybe a bit more sophisticated than what the OP is looking for, but the built-in speaker on this unit probably sounds awesome.

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    I have a Boss BR800 (bought used for ~$150). It has more things than your're asking for, but for practicing I find the "mixing desk type layout" better, and a few more tracks is also nice. The mics work great for practising.

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    Have you considered a looper ?

    so quick and efficient for practicing ....

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    Your phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumbler
    Your phone.
    Thanks to you all for your suggestions. Yes, the obvious thing is under my nose, the phone to a bluetooth speaker. This should do fine. Thanks!

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    This sort of thing used to be so easy back in the day.

    Simple digital recorder for practice-5ac58cd8-1c91-449c-b846-15c5ea476620-jpg