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    Hey guys, for fun I would like to propose a new study group using Dirk's Jazz Blues 1 and 2 (or just 2 if the first course is too elementary for the group). My thinking would be to focus more on the solos or etudes, as opposed to every short pattern/example, but whatever people want to do is fine.

    After "graduating" from that, there are a number of standard tune specific lessons each with a solo (Autumn Leaves, etc, etc.)

    This would be a well laid out and "leveled" study approach, and easily accessible by all. Start with Jazz Blues (and everybody loves the Jazz Blues) and move forward into standards, all while learning convincing jazz language - conceived on the guitar!

    Would welcome everybody's input!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The Ted Greene site has some nice "blues progressions" from fairly basic to advanced using jazz flavored chord movement..that could be a nice springboard into standards

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    Don, I’ve been searching this site on my phone, and I can’t find “Jazz Blues 1” or 2. Do you have a direct link?

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    Tucked away under eBooks, by the looks of things, Rob:

    Spring Sale 2021 - Jazz Guitar eBook Bundles


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    Ah, I haven't bought that, and would like to know more about it before shelling out.

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    Maybe Dirk can answer some questions for you, Rob.

    AND - I believe it's fair to say that the material is pedagogically sound and idiomatically accurate.

    So, you wouldn't be selling out while shelling out.
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    I can tell you that the first book contains various comping and voicing exercises in addition to the jazz language patterns and licks, and also contains two solo etudes. The second solo is more challenging than the first, but both are reachable.

    So, while Book 1 is pretty simple it's a good foundation and can be made more challenging by playing the jazz languge patterns in 6-12 keys around the cuircle of fifths. The comping exercises could also be played in multipe keys. (C, F, Bb, G, etc)

    I don't own the second book so can't tell you as much about it. We could launch both book study groups in parallel so that more advanced players could start with book 2.

    I have other ideas for a great study group if folks don't bite on this one, but since it's Dirk's site I think it would be great to do this one first.

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    Well, it would be nice to support Dirk, so I’m in if a few others show an interest.

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    Looks like no one else is interested, Don.

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    I'd be happy to have a go and support Dirk at the same time.


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    And then there were three…

    Getting there. Any more?

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    I’d be interested, although my level would be book 1 so perhaps some way out of my depth

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    Well, Jona, we would start with Book 1, and support each other. We are all at different “levels” (not a term I like), but we can all learn something, and help those who get stuck.

    OK, I’ll download one of discount packs available just now, and have a look.

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    Okay, I've just downloaded it, and Volume I is very thorough, and will take some time to work through. I think anyone who completes even volume 1 will have a firm grasp on jazz blues playing.

    One of the tunes looked at is Bag's Groove, and I'm reminded of Monk's incredible solo, at 6'48", which is probably not what we'll be expected to do in Volume 1, but it is certainly worth a listen!

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    I've downloaded the books, too. Will have a perusal this evening.

    Looking forward to this.


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    OK, Chapter 1 takes us up to page 18, which seems a good place to stop for the moment. Can everyone have a look at that first chapter? Although you personally might want to jump into - say - Chapter 9, it doesn't help the group to move forward.

    Here's an overview of Chapter 1:

    Shell voicings are 3-note chords, used even when the name of the chord might imply more than three notes. I use these chords a lot, and am very familiar with them, but some of us might need help, so if there are any questions, ask away.

    Sometimes you might want to just pluck those three notes with the fingers of the right hand (assuming you are right-handed), and sometimes you might want to strum them with a pick. In the latter case you will need to mute those strings that are not fretted. This requires some leaning back of the LH fingers into strings you want to mute. This can be a little tricky if you are not used to doing so, but most people find a way eventually.

    We go on to learn to use these shell voicings to comp through an increasingly sophisticated 12-bar Blues form. The main thing just now is playing and memorising each version of the 12-bars. Once that is done you might be curious about what notes are being used and why. Try to remember which is a Root, or a 3rd, 7th, etc. It is knowledge that will help us later on.

    Let us know how you are getting on.
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    This is great! I wonder - can we get about 10 players?

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    I would also be happy to support Dirk. Would we be going through the entire $59 set of books?

    Spring Sale 2021 - Jazz Guitar eBook Bundles

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    Let’s just see how things go with Jazz Blues Volume 1…

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    The idea was Jazz Blues 1 and 2. I am guessing that much of Volume 1 may be a bit too simple - for some.

    But whatever folks want to do...

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    I suspect many might think V1 is beneath them…until they get to work on it.

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    Okay, I just bought the whole set of books. Might as well support the site, right.

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    That’s what I did. It’s a good way to pay something back.

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    I bought the whole set, too. Lots of work ahead...

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    Now looking at the downloads, before I read anything I started downloading the audio files, large audio files. You don't need to do that. The ebooks link to the audio files online. And, you can right-click on the page it links to and download individual audio files.

    Going forward I'm going to just download the audio files that are backing tracks so I can load them in my DAW and record my guitar bits. For that matter, I'm going to delete the audio files I already downloaded to save space on my computer.

    The backing track I listened to, on page 38 of Jazz Blues 1, sounds great.