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    Hey! I'm not a total noob to jazz in the way of chords; I was in my city's All City Jazz Band in high school and knew my jazz chords, just didn't know how to solo.

    So that was about 14 years ago... I haven't applied myself through methodical practice to learn Jazz but am trying now to step outside of my blues and rock knowledge to take on Bebop and thinking in arpeggios instead of pentatonics with chromatics.

    But I had the revelation that I learned all my tricks by copying other people's solos and then learned how to mix and match to make my own style. I think I need to do the same with Jazz to lock in concepts of licks and what progressions they can apply to.


    What are some recommended songs to learn if I want to get into Jazz soloing? My current favorites are John Scofield, Pasquale Grasso (dude's a demon), and Electrified Django Reinhardt. They aren't exactly entry level guys to learn from.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Learn and play songs you like! Any songs stick out from years ago?

    Tons of lists on this site, or take your pick from the practical standards: Practical Standards Song List and Index

    I like Matt Warnocks teaching. His facebook group play jazz guitar offers tons of insights and is a fantastic free resource.

    Play Jazz Guitar Public Group | Facebook

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    This is a book worth looking for:

    Scofield, John, Peter Erskine, Kenn Chipkin, Fred Amendola.
    John Scofield: guitar transcriptions.
    Milwaukee: Hal Leonard Corporation, 1987.

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    Also when I say Scofield, I mean his more modern works like Past Present.

    I know I should really transcribe my examples for myself but again, I'm a dad to a toddler and have an opposite schedule from my wife so I don't really have as much time in the day.

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    Django played the swing tunes of the time, which aren't especially complicated in structure. So, those would be good. Lady Be Good. All of Me. Limehouse Blues. Minor Swing. Don't Blame Me. Sweet Georgia Brown. etc.

    I don't know much about Sco, but Sco's Bossa is a pretty simple tune.

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    Where's Bruce Forman's list of ten essential tunes
    when we need it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pingu
    Where's Bruce Forman's list of ten essential tunes
    when we need it ?

    Well whaddaya know!

    Bruce Forman's list of 10 tunes for beginners

    Thank you. I know the progressions to some of these but will look up solos over these songs.

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    There’s quite a bit of sco around on the web, you may have to dig a bit for it. Try searches like:

    ”songtitle” Scofield filetype:PDF

    freejazzinstitute have some of his heads.

    there’s a video tutorial of Chap Dance on YouTube

    There used to be a transription book of the entire Time On My Hands album. Try your library, used book stores, etc
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