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    I wonder if you know about free resources online where I can find standars adapted for rythm guitar. I mean It must include the chord shapes. Real books doenst include chord shapes for guitar.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I mean something like this guy is doing:

    he shows chords and the shapes. I am a beginning in rythm guitar so it would be great of i can get the shapes, since a chord can be played of different ways, so would be better if some one already found the best way to play the chords like in the video

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    Something like this? I can recommend buying the full-lesson download too, it's worth it:

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    Free Jazz Guitar Lessons

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    Quote Originally Posted by fingernylon

    Real books doenst include chord shapes for guitar.
    Jazz Guitar Fake Book – Volume 1 - Lead Sheets for 200 Jazz Standards | Hal Leonard Online

    This one does (also available as e-book). Hope it can help

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    maybe you like my fingerboard chart (the text is German, however): https://jonaslohse.de/bassbuch/#gitarre
    Attached Images Attached Images Resources for Rhythm Guitar - Fake Book and Chord Shapes-jazzgit_mockup-jpg 

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    Not free but cheap - Truefire has “rhythm fakebook” courses with Sheryl Bailey and Frank Vignola where they play different kinds of rhythm for a long list of jazz standards. Exactly what you want.