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Jazz Guitar Patterns

Patterns are small melodic or rhythmic units that are very useful for improvising and easy to memorize. Study these patterns in all keys and positions possible and you will see they slip unconsciously into your solo improvisations.


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Major Patterns

Guitar patterns for major chords.

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Major jazz guitar patterns

Minor Patterns

Guitar patterns for minor chords.

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Minor jazz guitar patterns

Dominant Patterns

Guitar patterns for dominant chords.

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Dominant jazz guitar patterns

Half Diminished Patterns

Guitar patterns for half diminished chords.

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Half diminished jazz guitar patterns

5 Essential Jazz Guitar Patterns

5 of the most frequently used patterns (cliches) found within classic jazz guitar licks and famous solos.

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5 Jazzy Scale Patterns

5 jazzy pentatonic scale patterns that will help you bring your pentatonic knowledge into the jazz realm.

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