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    Is anyone aware of an iOS app that functions the same as the Freeze pedal? I am looking for an app that can capture a chord and play it continuously. Thanks for suggestions.


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    Oft, aye I’d like to have that app too.

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    I’m not aware of one that does that specifically, but AudioStretch will allow you to isolate and loop a very short section of a piece of music.

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    IPracticePro will play a drone with or without a 5th forever. It also can play a single chord for a pretty long time. With the organ voice, it can go for 3 measures at 30bpm, before the chord starts over.

    If I wanted to drone a chord, I would use one of my synth that have a hold button.

    You could set up the same thing in a DAW with midi and a plugin. You could even use guitar and record an endless loop in a DAW.

    My assumption is that you want to practice over a clean (meaning a clearly defined) chord.

    I became tired of having to use my midi stuff. I just bought a robust looper. If I have a question about how x sounds against y, I just loop a guitar chord. It is not a clean as using a piano sound, or a vanilla sounding synth patch, but it gives my ear enough to work with.

    FYI, IPracticePro also does ii-V-I.

    I use IPracticePro all the time to practice what ever I can benefit from, by having to deal with notes or chords that are random. It will also play things in step patterns or circle movement. However, I like it when I do not know what will happen next.