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The Jazz Guitar Practice Guide
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eBook (printable) | 178 pages | tabs, notation & audio | Instant delivery by email
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There are two major problems that jazz guitarists of all levels experience at some point in their development.

The first is knowing how to organize a practice routine for maximum efficiency. And the second is knowing how to sort through the vast amount of material available to study, both online and offline.

The Jazz Guitar Practice Guide is designed to solve both of those problems in a fun and engaging fashion.

With exercises and practice outlines that produce real results, this guide offers something for players of all musical backgrounds.


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With the Jazz Guitar Practice Guide You’ll Learn How to:

  • How to be efficient in the practice room.
  • Focus on the three essential elements of jazz guitar, melody-comping-soloing.
  • How to build and maintain a balanced jazz guitar practice routine.
  • The importance of vocabulary in developing your jazz language.
  • How to transcribe and break down any solo by your favorite guitarist.
  • And much, much, more…

With the Jazz Guitar Practice Guide eBook You Get:

  • 178 pages of in-depth and easy to understand practice breakdowns.
  • Sample practice routines for every level of jazz guitarist.
  • Sample practice journals to help you plot your growth as a player over time.
  • Dozens of fun and beneficial exercises to help you build a balanced practice routine.
  • Lists of key tunes and transcriptions, with detailed descriptions, that every jazz guitarist should study.
  • And more…

There’s no quick and easy way to learn how to play jazz guitar. But, there are steps you can take in order to build an effective practice routine. These steps, along with time in the woodshed, will get you to the next level as a jazz guitarist.

If you're ready to to accelerate your jazz guitar learning experience, increase your practice efficiency, and enjoy your time in the practice room, then the Jazz Guitar Practice Guide is for you.

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Add to Cart Price: $19.99


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5/5 (2)

Great eBook!


Got the Jazz Guitar Practice Guide a few days ago and did a quick read through the 178 pages. I believe that the Jazz Guitar education world has needed a guide such as this for a long time.

I literally have several bookcases full of books on jazz (mostly Jazz Guitar). A few of those books contain some great information, but Dr. Warnock’s new compendium IS the roadmap for me. The other books will remain on the shelves as references to this e-book. It’s that simple.

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