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Do you know the feeling when you have a musical idea in your head, but you can't play it because your fingers can't follow? Having a good guitar technique is important because it allows you to express yourself on your instrument freely.

The problem is that building solid jazz guitar chops often involves exercises that either don’t help or bore you to death

But, improving your jazz guitar technique doesn’t have to be boring or tedious, in fact it can be fun and creative. You just need the right exercises and outlook in the practice room.

This is where Jazz Guitar Monster Chops comes into play. This eBook walks you through essential technique exercises that will inspire you and improve your technique because they are fun, creative and effective.

Not only do these exercises build your chops, they give you plenty of material to add to your jazz guitar solos at the same time. That’s a practice room win-win!

Download a sample PDF from Jazz Guitar Monster Chops


With Jazz Guitar Monster Chops You Learn:

  • Speed Building Exercises
  • Fretboard Knowledge Exercises
  • Chord, Scale, and Arpeggio Patterns
  • Technique Exercises That Also Sound Great in Guitar Solos
  • And Much More….

With the Jazz Guitar Monster Chops eBook You Get:

  • Hundreds of easy to follow and fun to learn chops builders
  • 240 Page PDF (printable)
  • 236 Audio Examples (Mp3)
  • Sample Practice Plans
  • Over 250 Examples in TAB and Notation
  • And more….

Are you tired of working on technique exercises but never getting anywhere?

Do you work on chops building exercises but find they don’t help your soloing ideas one bit?

Do you want to become the best jazz guitarist you can be, with fluid lines and accurate, flowing solos?

Then grab your copy of Jazz Guitar Chops Builders and take your chops, comping, and soloing to the next level, now!

Download Your eBook Today:

Add to Cart Price: $19.99



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