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Grant Green's Guitar Gear

Grant Green Guitar EquipmentThis page is about Grant Greens's guitar setup: the guitars he played and amps he used.





Gibson ES-330

Grant Green played on a Gibson ES-330 until the mid 1960s. This thinline, double cutaway guitar had P-90s (single coil elements) instead of the Humbuckers of the more popular ES-335 model.

Gibson ES-330

Gibson L7

Later, Grant Green played a Gibson L7 with a Gibson McCarty pickup/pickguard.

Gibson L7

D'Aquisto New Yorker

From 1972 on, Grant started playing on a custom built D'Aquisto New Yorker with a tobacco sunburst finish. On the fingerboard is an inlay of Grant's name in mother of pearl.

According to his son, he loved the guitar so much that he spent days without putting it down. Grant said the D'Aquisto plays easier and sounds better than any guitar he has ever had. The neck shape and size is just right for him, allowing smooth playing. He also describes the tone as funky and pretty at the same time.

After Grant Green's death, the guitar was acquired by George Benson, and it belonged to his collection for many years, until he sold it to guitar builder Rudy Pensa, who sold it in his shop.

Grant Green's D'Aquisto New Yorker

Other Guitars

  • Epiphone Emperor


Guitar Amps

According to George Benson, Grant Green used to put the bass and treble dials of his amps all the way down, while maximizing the mids

Pinpointing the amps that Grant Green used to play isn't easy because jazz guitarists of his time used the amps that were available on the gig or in the studio. Grant Green has been known to play the following amps:


Fender Tweed Deluxe

Grant Green recorded on a Fender Tweed Deluxe because it was available in Rudy Van Gelder's Blue Note Studio, where many classic jazz albums have been recorded.

Fender Tweed Deluxe

Ampeg Gemini

Grant has been known to record on an Ampeg Gemini model, which was also available at Van Gelder's studio.

Ampeg Gemini Guitar Amp

Other Guitar Amps

  • Gibson LP-12 from the late 1960s
  • Fender Super Reverb or Twin Reverb

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