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    Hi folks! This is my first post. I didn't find anything when I searched so hope to get some advice. I'm going to change out the stock Humbucker in my newly purchased Eastman 305CE Archtop. I'm thinking of a Humbucker sized P-90. AlnicoV and a low output with 330k pots seem to be the deal right?

    I'm after that vintage 60's Grant Green, Jim Hall, KennyBurrell (ish) sound.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I am also on this trail. I ordered a set of RWRP Pure90s from BG pickups but did not get them yet. He is behind in his work due to COVID.

    There are many other options including ones with no hum, P-Rails from Seymour Duncan and Bluesbucker from Dimarzio are the cheaper and common ones. Lollar and Harmonic Design has good reviews by many here.

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    There are a lot of choices out there. For me, the Fralin P-92 has stood the test of time as quiet pickups with a very good single coil sound. Some may rate one or another higher in tone, but the P-92 is always near the top.

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    Hey Davya,
    Welcome to the Forum!

    As Marty said, there are lots of choices!

    Also check out Bare Knuckle and Lollar.