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    I know many of you want to lighten your strings, so here you go!

    I do hear a difference. The question is how much difference there'd be with a humbucker.

    I won't get rid of my 13s yet. But 7s are doable with a lot of gain.


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    A long time ago, when I was young and strong and under the influence of Pat Martino, I strung my '68 Les Paul Custom with a custom set of 0.015 - 0.060 strings, and changed them once a year whether I needed to or not. Going on a half century of wear and tear later, I just had a set of 0.009s put on my '66 Custom Telecaster, and paid someone else to do it. I may, with effort and patience, develop the kind of finesse it takes to wail on a set of Reverend Billy G's 0.007s. Meantime, I do have a couple sets of 0.008s on hand, just in case.

    My archtops are sticking for the nonce with the 0.012s I put on them, but I make no promises. I'm not getting any younger.

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    I've ordered a set of Fender 8's just for the hell of it.

    Decades ago I used 9's. As a teen I learned on 12's and 13's before I knew any different. I was told that Gibson flatwounds were the best strings, so I was trying to learn Hendrix on them. Further, my Firebird had high action. When I got a teacher he wondered what the hell I was doing. He lowered the action a lot and told me to buy a pack of Ernie Ball's 9's. My poor fingers thanked him alot.

    I gave up almost all playing for decades with a busy adult life. About 15 years ago I got back into it and bought a used Heritage archtop. The seller told me to try very hard to adjust to 12's. I did. Now 13's are my default and sometimes I use Pat Martino's 15's.

    Fender 8's will be fun though.

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    A first string that is 70 thousandths? I’m impressed!

    Danny W.