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    New member here, and I thoroughly enjoy the site. I'm a Strat player in real life, (and have for many years), but I aspire to try something new, and just received this lovely specimen, ca. 1988. Thought y'all would like to see it. Photos are from the gentleman from whom I bought it. (He could be a member here for all I know.) Now I just have to figure out how to play it.

    ES-175 Mahogany for the new guy-s-l1600-jpgES-175 Mahogany for the new guy-s-l1600-3-jpgES-175 Mahogany for the new guy-s-l1600-5-jpg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Congrats, can’t go wrong with a 175. Enjoy your new guitar!

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    Welcome aboard.
    You picked the best instrument to get started on. The most prolific Jazz guitar in history.
    Gibson made the only (somewhat) attainable guitars that float my personal boat. We hope they start making them again. But in the mean time, you got yourself the original. The benchmark. The Jazz guitar all others dream to be one day.
    Enjoy that beautiful guitar and have fun here.
    Joe D
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    Welcome to the "80's Mahogany bodied ES-175 club!". (See my avatar)

    Yours looks to be in great condition.

    Play it in good health.

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    Congrats. You have all the jazz guitar a jazz guitarist ever needs. May she inspire your playing for many years to come.

    Playing jazz guitar well is a more difficult undertaking than finding a great jazz guitar. The first 30 years are the hardest.
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    Hey, you’ve got my guitar!

    I took it to an impromptu jam/singalong at a friend’s last night. I ran it through a Fender SCXD on the clean channel, turned the volume down on the amp and the guitar, mixed the pickups, and got a very nice acoustic-y sounding tone that didn’t drown out my friend’s unamplified Taylor.

    We played all the classics—Take It Easy, Paradise, Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right—you know the standards.

    With the amp voice set to a heavily overdriven blackface, the 175 even got a mean tone for Smoke on the Water and You Shook Me All Night Long.

    A fun time was had by all. I’m sure you will enjoy your 175.

    ES-175 Mahogany for the new guy-10963b6e-0c65-4a71-bfcd-b2ffa83ddc56-jpeg

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    Thank you all for your comments. The good folks on this site have been enormously helpful in furthering my education. It's funny - I worked in a neighborhood (pre GC) music store as a kid, and always thought of 175's and L5's and such things as guitars for grown ups. I never imagined I'd have one. Of course my friends and I were always more interested in being Jimmy Page or Ace Frehley. But now, after a lifetime of playing rock and blues, I am going to finally pull out my old Mickey Baker and Ted Greene books and see if this old dog can learn anything at all. Many thanks!

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    The ES-175 is iconic for a lot of reasons. Mahogany back and sides? Icing on the already delicious cake. Congratulations, and play it in good health!
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    Beautiful!! Love the back. Bet it sounds sweet!

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    Great looking guitar! Enjoy it!

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    Great instrument that could fit any pro player. Congrats for your aquisition. The table looks gorgeous with beautiful veins in the wood. Is it laminated maple?