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    We're thinking of selling our house, buying an RV and travel around Europe to find a place that better suits our desires that we have. I can keep working (I only need a computer and phone for that, plus internet) and we'll live very low cost, so it should work.

    One thing that I don't want to give up is music. I'm still new to jazz, but I played a lot in the last two years and made some progress. I'd like to
    a) keep on studying
    b) participate in a few workshops around Europe
    c) maybe do some busking/performing with my wife as a vocalist (this is going well here at home. I just can't play enough chord melody to come up with a decent solo, so lots of time needed for that. I might start another thread on that)

    We'll get a small RV. Not as small as a VW California, but roughly between 5,5 and 6 meters. For US RV's, this is very small. I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze one or two guitars in. So here's the question: which of the listed guitars would be most suitable to the changing temperatures and humidity of a typical RV?

    1) Eastman T64 (ES330 clone)
    2) Eastman Romeo
    3) Ibanez PM100
    4) Fender Telecaster Thinline

    I'd like to hear your insights. Thanks all.


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    Cool, always wanted to do something like that but yeah, now i have kids haha.
    Tele would be a no brainer. With all the others I would constantly fear i would bump them into something.
    With the easter weekend we went to a small cabin without the kids, no electricity, just a fireplace and I had my tele with me.
    Worked out great and never had the feeling i should have brought one of the archtops..
    I wish you good luck on your adventure! Start an instagram page, i'm sure many would love to see your travels.

    PS: If you can't take your PM100 sell it to me

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    Thanks Walt!
    While I love all four guitars, they all have a few upsides and downsides. I guess that's why I have all four of them. Three guitars are easily replaceable, but the PM100 is not. The risk of theft in an RV is much bigger than in a house. Also, the risk of damage (bumping into something, heat, humidity) is bigger in a RV than a house.

    I do love the Tele, but if I could only bring one guitar, I think I'd take the T64 instead. I get a more mellow jazz tone and it plays very comfortable, both sitting down and standing up. Also, it's very compact, which is a good thing in a RV. On the other hand, my duo Mono bag is only slightly more bulky than a single guitar bag. I might be able to bring two guitars. Or a guitar and a base, to be able to record on the road.

    I'm probably going to rent an RV first and bring a few guitars to see how it works. Also to see what type of RV would suit us best.

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    All would be appropriate and rugged enough for travel on the road. It comes down to which one brings the music out in you. Perhaps something that you can hear acoustically for when you find a wonderful spot with a view and you want to enjoy it with an unplugged instrument. So at least one acoustic.

    Gypsy Manouche style guitar to celebrate life on the road in style.
    There's a spiritual pedigree
    Which of these guitars would be best for a motorhome?-screen-shot-2021-04-13-8-32-49-am-png
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    A full scale acoustic would take up too much of my guitar-allowed-space I'm afraid. I've had the idea to sell my ukes and get a 6-string baritone or tenor 'uke' back for it, for example this one:

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    a small body acoustic with electronics would be my personal choice

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    I'd be inclined to go the Telecaster Thinline route.

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    I travel with one of these:
    Composite Acoustics
    It's pretty good, and no worries about humidity or heat, very durable. The Cargo model is what I have.
    This has been a fair accomodation for me.
    There are a few on Reverb right now. The setup is pretty remarkable, great neck, the fretwork spot on.

    Good luck with your journey! Have a happy life, however you decide to roll with it.

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    When I go sailing I usually take my Ovation Country Artist. Mid depth bowl, 14 fret neck joint, nylon strings and a Crate Limo battery powered amp (50 watts!) for bouncing echos off the shore when the mood strikes. The guitar was hurricane salvage so I know it is durable with the fiberglass back and epoxy bonding making it indifferent to the weather and a emergency paddle.

    The point is this is a great opportunity to look at a whole new guitar! Which is the perfect suggestion for a gear forum. I'd also suggest used, a bit distressed etc... to keep the camp crowd focused on music instead of envy about what you may be packing.

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    I'd take the Tele and a battery-powered amp suitable for pedals and a mic (for the Missus). Compact, durable. Teles were made for gigs like this.

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    You are thinking of selling the house?
    You are not sure about this, but in the meantime you are contemplating which guitar to take with you?

    Isn't that the same question as, which albums would you take to a deserted island?

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    Your T64 is compact? It is thin...

    My recommendation would be a Godin Kingpin, along with a small battery-powered amp for busking. Very light, but should be very stable with heat/cold and changes in humidity.

    The Tele would be OK if you want to go all-electric. Not as lightweight of course.

    Another thought for travelers is the VoyageAir. I have one of their mini-dreads, and it is quite a good guitar--as good as any other $500 flattop AND it folds for travel. I have a soundhole pickup on it for amplification. They also make electrics that told up with Tele pickups that get quite good reviews as well.

    Travel Guitar | Acoustic It folds in half and fits in its own backpack for travel

    Anyway, good luck! We had an RV and have fantasized about traveling around full-time, but I am tied to my work in Omaha for awhile yet.

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    nice guitars, do you have to be electrified? if not, a nice parlor acoustic is so sweet...but me being 69 I've had all the electricity I can stand

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    With a trailer hitch and one of these... portastudio!
    Which of these guitars would be best for a motorhome?-screen-shot-2021-04-13-1-56-42-pm-png

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    For a long time now, I've used a Strobel Rambler Traveler Guitar, Portable Guitars, Electric Travel Guitar as a travel guitar. Easy to take on air trips, with humbucker pickups you can play it to sit in at a bar gig while on the road. While theft is always a problem, the Rambler is small enough to be hidden. Enjoy your travels.

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    Yamaha Silent is smaller to store. That might be helpful in an RV.

    I have the original nylon. The following refer to the original model, not the one that they're selling now.

    Great neck. Sounds pretty good. Has a headphone jack and reverb right on board.

    Negatives: upper bout cuts into your right arm, has some piezo quack, after moderate use the connectors need to be resoldered. The furthest thing from an acoustic, since it doesn't have a body.

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    Eastman T64 - as long as it's not a lacquer finish. The Eastman's with lacquer finish scratch really easily.

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    I say go in style and comfort. Take a tele. And a Super 400:
    Attached Images Attached Images Which of these guitars would be best for a motorhome?-classa_diesel-exteriorfleetwood_discovery-1-800x563-jpg 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcel_A
    You are thinking of selling the house?
    You are not sure about this, but in the meantime you are contemplating which guitar to take with you?

    Isn't that the same question as, which albums would you take to a deserted island?
    LOL, It's a little more complicated. We don't love our neighborhood or the part of the country where we live now, for that matter. However, prices of houses are incredible now, so it might be time to bail out. But you're right of course, However, thinking about guitars is a lot better than thinking of all the stuff I need to get rid off before we can leave...

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    I would prefer not having to buy another guitar, but I'm going to look into the traveller guitars.

    With regards to amps: I've been playing with the Boss Waza Air for more than a year now and it has become my primary 'amp'. It sounds good and I don't annoy anyone. I'll be using that in the RV too.

    For busking/performing/any other live playing I think about getting a Bose S1 with a pre-amp pedal like the Strymon Iridium. My wife can use it for vocals and it even runs on batteries. Or I can bring my DV Mark LJ and plug it into the RV.

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    This guitar goes with me when I am out in the motorhome.

    Which of these guitars would be best for a motorhome?-motor-home-jpg

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    Joe, I'm intrigued with your plans. Where are you based now, and how old are you? I wish you the best of luck.

    Speaking for myself, I wouldn't look for a new guitar, as you have some you already like, and that would mean having to sell more guitars; I'd take the T64 or Tele (or both) and enjoy them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertito
    Joe, I'm intrigued with your plans. Where are you based now, and how old are you? I wish you the best of luck.

    Speaking for myself, I wouldn't look for a new guitar, as you have some you already like, and that would mean having to sell more guitars; I'd take the T64 or Tele (or both) and enjoy them.
    I'm based in The Netherlands and I'm 40. We've made two longer trips before, once 4 months and once 6 months. In both cased we kept the house, but we don't feel at home here any more. Finding a new house here is impossible because of the huge shortage in houses. I don't mind living in a RV for a longer period, nor do I mind to live with little money.

    Thanks for the advice guys!

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    Great plan. A friend of mine lives in a van full time for years now and he loves it. He is a software developer and can work with a laptop and internet connection. He also has a video blog about his mobile lifestyle: JayBe Outdoor TV - YouTube
    My brother and sister in law live on a boat – he's retired. Both seem very happy with their life on the road and on the sea.
    I think robustness should be the number one to consider. A solidbody or thinline tele or a laminated guitar will work. A rugged finish is a thing to consider. Another thing to consider is the strings. I brought an acoustic guitar for my sister in law and when I visited again a year later the strings were all rusty – living on the water is brutal for all metals. I should have strung it with coated strings.
    If space is an issue you could also think about a headless guitar. The new Strandberg Sälen Jazz was the first thing that came to my mind. OTOH I'd just take the guitar you like to play most. As long as it isn't too delicate you should be able to enjoy it everywhere you go.

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    You're asking for something that sounds great, can take a bit of punishment if need be and is easy and cheap to replace given theft?

    Isn't the obvious answer a Telecaster?