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    Just bought an Ovation 1970's USA model 1116-4 Classical model guitar. Unfortunately it came with out any pickup. What recommendations for a piezo non Mic p/up would you all recommend?

    I've seen Fishman and L.R. Bags seem to get high ratings. But not sure which is designed for the classic nylon models, aside from undermount style?
    All opinions would be helpful

    Thanks John D


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    John Buscarino is using a LR Baggs LB6 as well as a James May Ultra Tonic pickup in his nylon Cabaret model. He has also used the Barbera pickup as well.

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    Excellent I'll look up the last 2 for sure. I'm tempted by the LB6 or the Fishman since I'm mostly familiar with them already.
    But they make one with compression, as well as one that doesn't use a battery?

    I like the idea of having some volume and tone control accessible,

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    After consulting with a good luthier I went with the L.R.Baggs Element VTC Nylon system. Looks like the best choice since the Ovation doesn't have a tail block, nor neck block.

    So many possibilities available these days, and still no gigs,LOL !

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    Ovations can sound good. Charlie Byrd used one for a few years. I have a steel-string Ovation that I bought in 1972. I liked it at the time, but I don't play it often now. The pickup/saddle crapped out on it, and Ovation sent me a complete electronics kit, from the input jack to the pickup, and everything in between, for free. I could have shipped it and had them fix it, but money was short at the time, and I took the free option. It included an upgraded electronics box with coaxial tone/volume controls. I suspect modern piezo pickups are far better than the first ones out the door.

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    My first real guitar was an Ovation Acoustic Electric I bought new in 1972. I started playing the guitar relatively late i.e. I was 21 in 1972. It cost a fair amount of money in 72' but I had a full time job and the music store Paulus Music in Jacksonville allowed me to pay it off in installments. I have a special fondness for Ovation guitars. Good luck with your pickup selection.

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    Funny thing I've read that certain LA Studio Session guitarists like Dennis Buddimer used an Ovation in place of a 16" vintage L5 With great success!

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    I bought my Ovation with some of my first flight pay after finishing Army helicopter flight school. That was my second real guitar. The first was a Gibson J45 that I bought with my first parachute pay after finishing jump school. The next real guitar I bought was after I retired. Now my wife thinks I have too many guitars. They multiplied after I quit working. I still don't know how that happened.

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    It has been many years ago I put a peizo under the bridge of my Ovation classical. I don't recall which model. Here is an example, running straight into the computer for recording. Mine is the version without the cutaway #1113.

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    I'd go with a K&K Pure Classic, I use one of their systems on my 1115 Pacemaker 12 string and it works great. Love these guitars and the detail of the sound. I like the Ovation pickups too, I have them on a 1624 nylon Country Artist and a 1614 Folklore, all from the 70s. The K&K is passive, loud and very natural sounding on my 12. Mounted with superglue gel for full volume and tone. I installed the endpin jack with no trouble.