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    I like the Alnico's particularly the Jensen P10r's. The Celestion Gold was nice too.


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    Always nice a test like this, I'll play ;-)

    First of all, I am not fond of the basic guitar sound.... would have liked a hollowbody playing some jazz, clouds my judgement a little maybe. Second: I am struck with how a lot of the speakers sound very much alike in this test. Not surprsing since they all follow more or less the same concept I think: ceramic speaker, paper cone. The negative exception is the The Oxford, that was the only one that made me crinch. The other - positive - exception is the Jensen P10R, that sounded a little lighter and airier than the others (except for the Oxford) in a way that I did like.

    My top 3 (actually in random order):
    1- Warehouse
    2- Weber Blue Pup
    3- Jensen P10R

    Here's what I wrote down while listening thru Sennheiser HD 215 headphones plugged into the headphone out of my HP Chromebook:

    Don't Like:
    The Oxford - very scratchy and trebly sounding

    All good, but rather similar to my ears:
    Jensen C10R - sounds good. Nice lower/mid punch
    Jupiter - I liked the C10R better, has a slight harshness to it
    Warehouse - like
    Eminence Allesandro - like, les full than Warehouse maybe?
    Weber Ferromax - okay. But nothing special?
    Celestion Greenback - very much like Warehouse and Eminence
    Celestion Creamback - like Greenback, somewhat mellower highs?
    Celestion Gold - like the other Celestions
    Weber Blue Pup - up with the Celestions, I like it a little better I think
    Weber Silver 10 - I don't think I hear a difference with the Celestions

    Positive exception:
    Jensen P10R - somewhat lighter and airier sounding, in a good way

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    In a few weeks, when I have time to cut the wood for 2 identical cabs, I’ll compare Jensen C8 to Celestine 15/8.

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    Listening through my iMac's speakers, I was struck by the similarity between most. Must do a second round with headphones. As an aside, the Jensen P10R has an AlNiCo magnet. The P10R-F version, made for Fender with a different paper cone (no seam, more ribs) has a mellower tone with less treble sting. A jazzier sound clip, as pointed out by Little Jay, would have been more revealing. The P10R-F might well have outshone the rest. While more sensitive and handling up to 100W, Jensen's 10" Tornado Classic Neo comes close.

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    I'm looking for the old Fender Bassman chime. The Jensen P10r sounds right. I'd go with something else for a jazz tone.

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    Speaker comparisons are tough. I think it’s good to have a known, familiar starting point. I have a Jupiter 10SC in my Victoria Ivy League (mid-thick tweed cleans) and it sounds great. Based on this demo, I would never consider that speaker. I also have the GA10-SC64 in an oversized antique pine 1x10 cab and it sounds so much better with a variety of amps than what I heard in this comparison. A thorough speaker comparison

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    Very well done Stevebol, thanks. I think that the ending bass string run is the most telling part, tells you how much bass, or mids, and clarity you can expect, and in some cases - fizziness (Oxford).

    I did like the Emi Allesandro, the Blue Pup and the Silver Bell.