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    I was looking for a Lefty L5 but I can't find any model at a decent price. So I'm looking for something else.
    I found 3 models, but I can't test it.

    - Gibson L9
    - Collings Jazz Eastside LC
    - Nickerson virtuoso

    What do you think of this model?
    Thank's for your advice


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    Nice to see Nickerson listed -- he doesn't get enough talk around here!

    These are all excellent guitars; they're also all fairly expensive, so I'm not sure what your version of "a decent price" is?? There are also other threads here on "good, less expensive" models, including custom guitars that are within the budget of these three!

    Let us know what you get!


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    all of them are used version (+10% for nickerson and +40% for L9).
    Lefty version are very hard to find.The last model of L5 found in lefty was 9500€ thank's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hub
    all of them are used version (+10% for nickerson and +40% for L9).
    Lefty version are very hard to find.The last model of L5 found in lefty was 9500€ thank's.
    You don't mention the price on Collings. All things being equal, that would be my first choice. Their build quality is usually impeccable. k They hold their value and are well know enough to be realistic to resell if necessary. And I think it's a great design.

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    If I was a lefty player and found a Nickerson, I'd grab it super-fast.
    He's serious archtop royalty and his guitars are as good as it gets.

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    I am familiar with the Collings Eastside Jazz. As I suspect you know, it is a small body archtop guitar with a Lollar Charlie pickup. Collings makes wonderful guitars. The small body of the Eastside Jazz makes it easy to handle. I believe the smaller body is less 'boomy' that guitars with bigger bodies. The Eastside Jazz, to my ear, sounds balanced. It does not really sound like a guitar with a bigger body. Also the Charlie pickup gives the guitar a very 'acoustic' sound. It think it sound great, but it does not sound like a humbucker. To get to the point; the Collings is a great archtop, but I don't think anybody is going to mistake it for an L5.

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    Eastside should be a very good choice but I think I prefer a more boomy guitar.
    Does anyone can describe the Henrikson virtuoso?

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    Go to Reverb and search for lefty archtop. Lots of nice choices. Sort the list by price high to low to see the better stuff first.

    There's a Golden Eagle, a Stroup, A Walsh, and a D'A for starters. Lots of Peerless, etc.


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    I'm looking for European guitar. Ship from US add 30% of charge and customs.

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    Lefty guitars are more expensive to buy new for sure. But they are also harder to sell used as well. So maybe this still applies these days, especially a lefty Jazz Box.
    Big Plus on Brad Nickerson guitars, a very under rated luthier and one of the Chinery Collection of Blue Archtops collection.

    If European maker is in your mindset, try Franz Elferink Dutch luthier! Great luthier, moderate prices and imo as good as any Gibson L-5C