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    I have been very happy with the Quilter Tone Block 202 I bought last year, both as an at-home practice amp and as a lightweight gigging amp. Both the "vintage" and full-range sounds are quite usable, the features make the amp very versatile, and the construction is bullet-proof.

    I recently noticed that Quilter has released a combo based on the TB202, the Travis Toy 12 Combo. This mates the complete TB202 with a 12-inch Eminence speaker apparently co-designed by Travis Toy (who is an esteemed steel guitar player).

    Quilter Travis Toy 12 Combo – Thomann United States

    I haven't seen any discussion of this amp on the forum (or any forum except the Steel Guitar forum). Since steel guitarists are usually looking for clean sounds and headroom, I'm wondering how useful this amp might be for jazz guitarists.


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    Maybe not much discussion on this particular configuration, but plenty on ToneBlock 202, with a few posts from me about the BlockDock.

    It's a great amp. It's a TB 202 in a BlockDock 12 with tilt legs and a diff speaker. I have one, except I went with the BlockDockHD with the Neo speaker. You can buy the Dock without speaker and put whatever you like in it. Legs are available too, and easy to instal. I did it. I love mine!

    Just in case you missed it: Quilter Tone Block 202

    Tim Lerch is playing through a BlockDock 10 in the clip there. Another interesting Quilter option. He has the amp sitting on top so we can see it instead of mounted in the dock in back.

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    A Quilter that looks like ... an amplifier instead of a humidifier.
    A Quilter that weighs 30 pounds.
    The world has gone crazy, I tell you.
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    Must be a heavy speaker!

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    I love the 202 TB as well as my Aviator 1x12" and 1x8" combos. As far as speakers you need to be careful with the TB 202 since it has 200 actual watts.
    The Celestion BN12300 is great but needs a bit more highs if used alone.