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    Dad bought one of these behemoths in the 70’s and I know it was a brief collaboration between Gibson and Standel. I think it’s a tube/SS hybrid with a Maestro phaser. His was loaded with a 15” I think? It’s a funky amp with big oven range knobs and it weighs a ton. I remember him loading it into the back of the car when I was a kid and it swallowed the whole space. It used a fairly exotic and undesirable tube set, from what I can tell. Has anyone used one or have any information on this weird rig? I used it very briefly, years ago, but wondered if I could safely pull it from my moms house and plug in without damaging anything. It looked just like this one but with a single 15” instead of a twin 12” configuration.

    SG Systems amp?-98c03b57-5800-417b-a122-8584f3be044e-jpeg
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    Even if it doesn’t work anymore I’d like to have it in the studio just because of how cool it looks.

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    Have fun carrying that thing,and make sure to book a chiropractic appt as well,LOL

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    Dig the 3 primary colored switches.

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    If it gets moved it’ll be moved once and then sat down forever! My dad would haul it around a few times a year and always complained over it. Does look cool, though. I think I’ll grab it over the holidays to bring home and see if there’s life in the old girl.