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    Been awhile since I posted here. Just picked this up off of Reverb. Been on the lookout for an ES model for sometime! Was thinking of purchasing a DV Mark Little Jazz and running it through that.


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    I had one, and sold it, but would have/should have kept it, they are very nice guitars.. with a very open, airy sound for a semi... mine tended to love a mid focused, tweed style sound a lot, i never tried it with a solid state, but i'm sure it sounds great

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    Lovely guitar! Congratulations, and play it in good health!

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    Congratulations! I had my eye on it too. Sort of regret selling mine - was not a spruce top, though.

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    Congratulations! I love my Comins GCS-1.

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    Definitely the most physically comfortable guitar I ever had. Perfectly balanced, wonderful neck shape - at least for my hands.
    That was the one thing I really loved about it.
    As a result, I made more progress playing that instrument than any other.

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    That is great to hear! What did you run yours through?

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    A Tone King Comet 20 and a Deluxe Reverb Reissue/Cannabis Rex.

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    Just ordered a DV Mark Little Jazz to pair it with. Excited to hear the combo!

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    My setup is a GCS-1 (not the ES though) an ME80 pedalboard and a Little Jazz. Sounds great to me.

    I decided to get a GCS-1 after hearing Jack Wilkins, who played his through an AER at the Zinc Bar a couple of years ago.

    He plays the ES, I found out later. I don't have that one, but mine sounds the way I remember the sound I heard in the Zinc Bar.

    I think it can be described as a dark sound -- and the LJ is voiced ... well, hard to describe, but it makes it easier to get a traditional jazz sound.
    Can it be called dark? Maybe, but that implies dulled, which it isn't.

    I play the LJ with the bass rolled off all the way, most of the time. Mids in the middle. Treble rolled just a bit down.

    The LJ reverb is good up to a point and then seems to change. I keep the reverb about a quarter of the way up on the amp and add reverb with the pedalboard.

    The LJ is ported in back -- putting it against a wall changes the sound, as does tilting it up. I like it flat on floor, away from a wall. Others on this forum have expressed different preferences.

    I'd add that the LJ can get pretty loud. I've used it with a 19pc big band (unamplified band) and with a four horn octet in a big room (200 there and room for more) and it was enough. I think the big band was a bit of a stretch, but no complaints from the leader.
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