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    Any words of wisdom on a what looks like a very nice JazzKat PhatKat for 600.00
    it seems to have the ability to let you play and sing at the same time?


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    Seems pricey for an older amp ...

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    They were great, but if there's no more support, it's a risk. Unless there is a contact person for repair issues.

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    How about a Henricksen 112 er mint condition?Can you play an sing tthru one of them?I think i need to ask Tom Carol he also plays an Eastman 403.

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    If you need play/sing capabilities, grab a Henriksen "Bud."

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    Sorry didnt plan retirement at all so gotta look for deals.Had a child late in life and about the only thing i can do to compensate my job is get in the gig curcuit around here.No Bud Budget.

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    If you need to sing and play through one amp, any with two or more inputs will do the job, some better than others of course.

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    I sing and play guitar too, so I always use two channel amps for gigs. My current amps are a Bud and an Acoustic Image Corus. Both do a great job, but they are pricey. As alternatives in the lower priced realm, I used to have a Roland AC-60 that was nice and I have played through my friend's Fishman Artist. For the price, in my experience, the Fishman sounds great. Any good acoustic amp will usually have two channels. If you're in the US, I see used Rolands and Fishmans on Craigslist occasionally for around $300.

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    Thanks everyone the two channel amp comment helped a lot its amazing i have gotten a basic grip on languages can read a little music a hell of a dancer.but When it comes to tech from any thing beyond turning it on.Wait that's lyric worthyMy brain fogs up.It maddening!!!!I'm goin beyond I'm turning it on the attenuation song,giveitup giveitup just go twirl a baton.

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    Speaker systems for vocal or acoustic guitar generally require a tweeter for the high frequency content that gives them presence. The amp I usually travel with only has an 8” woofer (Eminence Beta 8A). I’ll sometimes use it for acoustic guitar or plug a mic in channel 2 for a vocalist if the sound quality isn’t critical. But if I want an acoustic guitar or vocal to sound more convincing I’ll plug in an external tweeter. I think most amps designed for acoustic guitar either have tweeters or extended range drivers to cover those high frequencies.

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    Thanks again i was working on the house and found a cheapo phillips mic i must of got 20 years ago.I have no mic stand so i taped it to a snare drum stand and ran it thru my 1980 15 inch poly tone i had the reverb up a bit because the non jazz thing i was foolin with.If can load it up here i will send it.i should probable just hang in the no talent but play anyway post and not leave.ok cant do it.So its curious.Buts its not worth typing the