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    I got this custom Heritage Golden Eagle from Mickey. He's an excellent seller. It arrived safely, which is a blessing.

    This was made in 2010 and has a custom finish, which is labeled as dark almondburst.

    It is X-braced and fairly light.

    The Ameritage case is something Jay Wolfe had Heritage do on some of the instruments sent to Jay's store. It is like a vault.

    It came with TI 13 round wounds. I haven't plugged it in yet.

    The quality of spruce is excellent. The grain is tight and there is bear claw. The finish was done beautifully and was the work of Floyd Cramer. The top is resonant. The neck I'd describe as a medium carve. It's not like the earlier thin ones Heritage often did. It's not a '59 either.

    On to the pics:

    Heritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104633-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104709-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104720-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104823-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104805-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104752-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104748-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104829-jpg


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    Heritage Golden Eagle-20181017_110052-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104859-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_105924-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_104841-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_110059-jpg

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    That's a beauty, for sure.. set humbucker on a deluxe-trimmed git with nice spruce, that's the ticket !

    PS, I did linger on the case pics for quite a while before scrolling down to see the actual instrument, truly the whole "package" is phenomenal.

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    Congrats Mark! That is surely an example of Heritage Guitar's finest, made by craftsmen, the like of which, we may never see again.

    Kalamazoo put out some fine guitars and this example is proof of that!

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    'Tis only right that it go to you, Dr Marty. There is nobody who appreciates Heritage more truly than you.

    Looks great. That fiddleback! Oh my! Maple from an older age.

    Hope it gives you lots of pleasure.

    PS Looks like a shallow rim depth of 2.5"?

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    It's a 3" depth, 1 11/16" nut.

    Here's the end of the show!

    Heritage Golden Eagle-20181017_122442-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_122624-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_122611-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_122528-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_122450-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-20181017_122513-jpg

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    Simply gorgeous. Congratulations, and play it in good health!

    Out of curiosity, do you think the bridge-base extension on the bass side enhances bass response?

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    I dig Florentine cuts on big boxes.

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    Another archtop, and a we're makin' progress!

    Didn't you own a thin bodied Florentine GE with a natural top and a similar back about 6 years ago?

    Congrats Mark, she's a beauty!

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    Well done, sir!!!

    That Golden Eagle has ALL of the cool upgrades...and a couple of unique features that set apart from most all other GE's.

    Play it in good health.

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    NIce guitar I always perfer the rounded cutaways but this has the nice tailpiece. My guess is that it can be a close Wes. We need a sound bite.

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    Couldn't have gone to a nicer steward of the Kalamazoo's Guitar Legacy. A great add to a great collection. Love the appointments.


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    That's about the nicest Golden Eagle I've seen--Has a Super KB vibe with that Florentine!

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    Wowser! She a beaut.

    The rim and back shots are stunning. I really, really like the finish: front, sides and back. As noted above, the grain of the top is something else. That is a very special piece of spruce.

    Enjoy this one friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2bornot2bop
    Another archtop, and a we're makin' progress!

    Didn't you own a thin bodied Florentine GE with a natural top and a similar back about 6 years ago?

    Congrats Mark, she's a beauty!
    Well, yes I did. Excellent memory. They called the finish on the maple burnt amber. This one is a bit darker.

    Since you stirred up the past, I'll post the old pics of it. And I'll include some of another guitar I truly regret letting go of- to you!

    Heritage Golden Eagle-2018-10-17_20-09-59-pngHeritage Golden Eagle-2018-10-17_20-09-41-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-2018-10-17_20-09-15-pngHeritage Golden Eagle-2018-10-17_20-11-39-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-2018-10-17_20-11-02-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-2018-10-17_20-10-42-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle-2018-10-17_20-10-22-jpg

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    I, too, was tempted, given its resemblance to the SP. This style of GE/SE/SKB/HJ, with a florentine cutaway and a darkburst, is particularly appealing, IMO. I find them quite striking. Right now, I'm on a guitar diet, but who knows what the future holds?

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    How do you like that case? I have one. It's awesome, but *heavy*.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody Sound
    How do you like that case? I have one. It's awesome, but *heavy*.
    The case is like a vault. It has excellent workmanship. In the end though, it's quite a heavy case.

    If it prevents damage to the guitar just once, it's worth the extra weight.

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    Heritage Golden Eagle-44252401_10155985888927239_7233795799249846272_n-jpg

    Heritage Golden Eagle-44240067_10155985890962239_1131074955887247360_n-jpg

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    I don't know where they get their wood but it's the most figured maple I've ever seen. Flame or tiger striped doesn't even begin to describe what it is.

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    Heritage Golden Eagle-a884c1dd-cc20-49b7-ac30-0d2f2057a09e-jpegHeritage Golden Eagle-e59e5592-5f84-4b79-ad29-8c66e736692c-jpegHeritage Golden Eagle-8f7c8199-7fd1-4cad-853c-a24655adc44a-jpegHeritage Golden Eagle-b1ac8ec1-00ce-416b-bb0c-93355ef3a850-jpegHeritage Golden Eagle-3566ad6f-dce7-4d5e-b5aa-f8aa39585d20-jpeg

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    Almost the exact twin of my long-lamented blonde HGE. Still haunted by it. Those guitars can give a lot of love!

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    Congrats Big M ! From a good period of Heritage builds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawson-stone
    Almost the exact twin of my long-lamented blonde HGE. Still haunted by it. Those guitars can give a lot of love!


    I'm gonna lay the blame on you because of your comments on the Heritage Guitars thread YOU got me on a quest... I may still have one other H guitar to grab up...
    And Lan is really a nice guy. Doggone we were talking up a blue streak on Saturday and Sunday. Man got that guitar right out too. No wasting time with him. A real pro.


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    Periodically I hunt for the guitar online. I had Heritage build me a replacement pickguard with their "hotter" floating pickup and a volume+tone control, and no point on the front edge. And my name on the truss rod cover! Loved that guitar.

    And yes, i am a little obsessed with it.

    Heritage Golden Eagle-im000137-jpg