View Poll Results: Most comfortable body type for playing sitting down

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  • More than 3 inch depth, 17 - 18 inch width. Eg. Super 400 or L5.

    22 13.10%
  • More than 3 inch depth, 15 - 16 inch width. Eg. ES 175 and copies.

    22 13.10%
  • 3-2 inch depth, 15 - 16 width. Eg, Most Eastmans, Gibson Modern Archtop.

    39 23.21%
  • Thinline, 15 - 16 (1/2) width, Eg, ES 335.

    29 17.26%
  • Standard solid-body size. Eg. Tele, Es 339.

    50 29.76%
  • Another body shape that's not specified above.

    24 14.29%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    To some extend of course this depends on the size of the player. But I suspect there will be tendencies towards certain types of bodies regardless of the size of the player.`
    Note this poll only concerns body shape, not neck and only for sitting down. I doubt very many people would find Super 400 most comfortable standing up

    Note: This is a multi-choice poll in case there are more than one types that you find to be comparably comfortable.
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    As a not very large person, I found that standing up was the only way to comfortably play a large instrument like a Super 400. the latest developments in ergonomic guitars based on the original Klein models are extremely comfortable to play either sitting or standing, some great players with back problems have found that design a career-saver, Adrian Legg is an example. of course, if one doesn't find the sound agreeable, then they're not so great. conventional guitars are not ergonomic and can cause pretty serious back and neck problems. the best solution is to find a sitting or standing posture that works for the guitar you like to play.

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    Put this on your lap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klatu
    Put this on your lap!

    LOVE THAT!! I'll give Victor a call to see what a 7-string version would cost.

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    Jazzmaster (or Strat.)

    Actually I am considering selling the thicker archtops that I have and just keeping my partscasters (hardtail Strat, Tele, 12 string hardtail Jazzmaster, and my latest project which will be a true Jazzmaster spec.) and my two smaller bodied hollows - A Gibson ES-390 and an Epiphone Casino Coupe. All of those are super comfortable to play - sitting or standing. Comfort is key! I will keep my two acoustics - steel string and a nylon string Martins. Oh, and I need to sell the Steinberger copy that I assembled. Not as comfortable as I thought that it would be. Keeping my Peerless Jazz City though. Too nice to give up.
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    I grew up with (as a guitar player) and got used to playing 335 type of guitars - they just feel like home to me. Regarding deeper bodies I find that the 175 body size is (almost) equally comfortable for me. Never tried an L 5 let alone Super 400 type.

    Having said you can't beat a Strat for sheer comfort.....

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    I agree that the player's body is as much a factor as the guitars. As the possessor of a substantial Ventrally-Mounted Adipose Aerodynamic Enhancement Device (TM), plus chronic shoulder tendinitis, 335-sized semis, Strats, and 16'' x 2.5"-ish archtops have proven my most comfortable style. I haven't tried any of the Klein-style guitars, but I suspect they would work. Tele's seem OK to, but I haven't spent a lot of time with one recently. I pretty much can't play anything bigger and/or thicker, sitting down or standing.


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    Boggles my mind that some people would choose a solid body! A not-too-deep 16" or 17" archtop is tailor-made for sitting. I actually find a 15" is too small for sitting (find for standing), and I'm not very tall.

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    I find a tele uncomfortable for sitting without a strap. 16" thinlines are the most comfortable bc they put the bridge and the best location relative to your picking hand, and the thin depth prevent over-extension of your shoulder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolvinny
    Boggles my mind that some people would choose a solid body! A not-too-deep 16" or 17" archtop is tailor-made for sitting. I actually find a 15" is too small for sitting (find for standing), and I'm not very tall.
    That is true if you're not using a strap, foot rest, Dynarette etc. and putting the guitar on your lap and just hunching over. Then solid-bodies are harder to work with.
    I use a strap so that the guitar is always in the same position regardless of the size/shape of the guitar, or whether I am standing or sitting. Then light solid-bodies get really comfortable.
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    I think it matters what you are used to (thank you captain obvious!) What I mean is that I find solid bodied guitars heavy and difficult to balance seated. But I rarely play them. I mostly play 16" archtop with a slightly less than 3 inch depth. Guess what I find most comfortable? I suspect that if I did play solid body Telecasters I would think that was the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John A.
    a substantial Ventrally-Mounted Adipose Aerodynamic Enhancement Device (TM),
    LOL!!!! I have to steal that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John A.
    I agree that the player's body is as much a factor as the guitars. As the possessor of a substantial Ventrally-Mounted Adipose Aerodynamic Enhancement Device (TM), plus chronic shoulder tendinitis, 335-sized semis, Strats, and 16'' x 2.5"-ish archtops have proven my most comfortable style...
    There's no question about it, if you've got a gut then it's easier to play a thinline than a full sized archtop. I've been playing for 40+ years and I've never had a guitar-related injury until recently. when I recently bought a 17"x 3" archtop I spent my first evening playing it in a English wing chair, and the combination of the gut, the thick body and the chair geometry (which shifted the guitar to my left, making low position barring more stressful), caused a nasty strain on my fretting hand's extensor tendons, resulting in a horrible case of tennis elbow that has kept me sidelined for months. Now that I'm mostly recovered, I play on the couch or a stool. I find that the jumbo sized archtop exacerbates the tendon problem more than any of my other guitars, with the solidbodies and the thinlines being much less of a problem. Because of this I've been considering replacing the jumbo archtop with something smaller. Hopefully something like a 16"x2.5" will be a tolerable replacement.

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    My Strat, heresy I know, is my most comfortable guitar for any position.

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    I was thinking about this last night. although my Tele sounds better for Jazz, a Strat just feels better in my lap.

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    My Andersen 14" with a 2" depth is just right when playing seated. It's so light and easy to pick up. Puts the neck right where I want it. (I'm 5' 8" and thin)

    My Andersen Streamline at 16 3/4 and 3" deep is about as big as I'd want to go. Very solid and stabile, you can really dig in and it's not going to move.

    As much as I love my 335 and Les Paul, they don't get the neck in the best position when seated.

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    For archtops I have a Sadowsky SS-15 and a Benedetto Bravo and while both are comfortable the SS-15 just feels perfect. Great for playing while lounging on the couch. Not too small.

    I'm 5'10"

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    That is tough to answer. There is in my experience more to comfortable than body size and depth. scale length, how deep sits the neck into the body, neck shape, fret type, radius, yes or no cutaway etc. It also depends on what you are going to play, the chair you sit on, and even the trouser fabric ( I have one pair that I will never wear on gig as my guitar slides out of my lap too easy)
    But looking at my own limited collection and preferences, I like my L5CT most, second is Gretsch Country Gent, ES175 or Gretsch 6119. All my guitars are 16 or 17 inch, full body or thinline hollowbodies.

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    My $0.02...

    "sitting down", I don't think it matters until you get to extremes.... meaning, a 17" L5 or a Steinberger. I'm just as comfortable playing a strat/tele, 16"x2.5" hollowbody, Les Paul (actually my LEAST favorite, but it's not "uncomfortable", it just doesn't "feel right" to me).

    But I did have a problem with my 17"x3.5" Epi Broadway, I'm not comfortable with standard acoustic dreadnaughts (prefer the GC body type).

    STANDING UP.... now you're talking. Only solidbodies for me. I can't play my Gretsch to well standing up. I'm no taller (actually I might be a couple inches taller) than Brian Setzer, and HE plays the hell out of one standing up, but it's also WHAT HE PLAYS. Since he was 16. He probably isn't as comfy on a tele as he is on his Gretsches.

    Sorry for the rambling... point being, sitting down makes a difference only on the extreme ends of the scale.... standing up is a MUCH different story.

    It is interesting that you rarely see a jazz cat playing standing up... of course there are exceptions to everything, but in 30 years I'd say what I have seen is 90% of the jazzers are sitting.

    For me, of course, YMMV.

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    a couch and a tele will do



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    The Eastman 910/610 17" x 3" size fits me nicely... I'm a slimish 6'1" 190 lbs... I only play sitting down, guitar on my right thigh straight up and down
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    I have a Super400-size guitar, and it's more comfortable to play sitting than standing, at least for me. I tilt it back 45 degrees or so. I can't play it while it's vertical, it's just too big and too thick. I can play it standing, but I don't like to. The most comfortable guitar I have is a Benedetto Bambino. It's the right size and thickness for me.

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    I am only5'8" and 157, though l love my Gibsons Les Paul, my most comfortable would be my 22 year old DC-127. It is all Koa and very sweet.

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    depends how you sit and what you're sitting on. and what you play, too- if you need full access to the fretboard or are doing weird chords vs just pounding out cowboy chords or noodling while watching tv. i don't really have a preference, but things are different for me because i play in the classical position while sitting. a larger guitar helps a little.

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    S - g! S - g! S - g!

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