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    Nice! How do you like the PJB amp?

    And don't forget...


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Haha! Don't ever call me a slapper! LOL.

    It's a great little amp. Hifi-quality sound. Apparently 70 watts, but I'm nowhere close to that. It does seem very sensitive to placement - back to the wall and on the floor, it is very fat and warm; on my computer desk, not so fat, but never skinny. Quite a nice jazz sound with my Gibson 345 reissue. I might try that again, but with a light overdrive pedal.

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    hah, don't worry rob was not trying to pigeonhole you!!...on that vid, your right hand finger picking reminded me of opposed to two finger, pick, slap or even thumb (ala macartney)

    in a way the dano lends itself well to that, as its easy neck with access to all 24 frets makes for some nice horizontal line playing

    sounds great.. have fun...danopower! haha


    ps- now you need the 6 string version!! as a baritone or tune to low e ...octave down guitar tuning...

    or the fender/squier bass vi..with whammy!!

    Danelectro Longhorn Bass-bass-vi-jpg

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    Oh, don't tempt me! I've seen them in the guitar shops here, but have so far given them a wide berth. Wammy bar, eh? What a thought. No, I'd much prefer a fretless next. Actually, I might buy another Dano, and get my local luthier to make it fretless. I'm really impressed with the quality of this bass for the money.

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    Rob - I think the tone on the vid was perfect. So many people fail to consider the need to adapt to the medium. The listener in the room hears a signal from the instrument/amp. The engineer hears that signal, modulated by the room, the mics, the board, the eq, any effects, signal loss in the circuitry, and probably some quantum whoo-hoo, to boot. That signal goes through more subtle but very real modulations on the way to the medium that will then create the audible signal that represents the original sonic event with greater or lesser fidelity, depending on the playback equipment. It's a little bit Plato's cave-y, isn't it? Always mix for the medium is my motto (mind you. I'm not claiming I do it well, but I do try).

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    shades of-

    Danelectro Longhorn Bass-week-13-medium-message-2-638-jpg



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    "if life were only like this"

    and now back to dano longhorns-

    ike turner

    Danelectro Longhorn Bass-ike-jpg

    dave edmunds

    Danelectro Longhorn Bass-dave-jpg


    Danelectro Longhorn Bass-13129954_1044390935637309_813720995_n-jpg


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    rob watched your vid again with headphones...the medium!.. (& with a more discerning ear)..great tone..and total aranjuez/ sketches of spain vibe ..well done!

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    Ha, lots of good posts there. Annie Hall - wonderful film, and I remember that sketch well.

    Great to see Prince with a Dano! I most certainly am in good company!

    I remember when recording my first album, thinking, "Wow, this sounds great", as the recording engineer played it back through BIG speakers. But then he said, "Of course, most people will hear it like this", and switched the playback to tiny little crappy speakers, and it sounded awful. He said he had to voice the recording for something in between. I felt it slipping away from me. Ugghh. Headphones help!