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    Hi guys,
    well its 11:30pm. I just spent the last 4 hours cleaning up and getting acquainted with a guitar I honestly never thought I'd ever own. My father once told me D'Angelico's are reserved for the really successful rich people, they don't come to us.. Well dad, we got one. And it's beautiful.
    Looking over this masterpiece, I cannot find a single imperfection in the structure of this guitar. The wood is perfect, no cracks, the original binding is still intact and the parallel braces are firmly affixing to the inside of the rather thin carved top. The serial number 1155 is stamped in plain view inside the body. The neck is a surprisingly comfortable "c" carve. The original Ebony board is on the thin side and the frets are the medium thin variety. The headstock is small. In fact, smaller than the headstock on my L5. The 17" body appears small to me, most likely due the 24-3/4 scale length. The depth of the guitar is around 3". The sound is incredible. Compared to my other guitars, this one has definition in lows, mids and highs all at the same time. I've never heard a guitar sound quite like it. It defies its size in that respect. Only the 18" HDA is louder but not by much. I know archtops are supposed to project, but this one fills the room with luscious music more so than any other.
    I will need to spend some time with the guitar before I decide on a pickup choice. I am seriously considering the Barbera Transducer. I will keep everyone posted.
    The playability of the guitar is very good. I will need to do something about the higher action. I have the rest of my life to tweak the guitar and I'm no rush to perfect it right away. Don't get me wrong, it's good but I know it could be better.
    Here are some pics after the extensive detailing I did to the guitar. It doesn't not look like an 80 year old guitar. No way.
    Attached Images Attached Images D'Angelico Excel-image-jpg D'Angelico Excel-image-jpg 


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    Some more pics
    Attached Images Attached Images D'Angelico Excel-image-jpg D'Angelico Excel-image-jpg 

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    Some more
    Attached Images Attached Images D'Angelico Excel-image-jpg D'Angelico Excel-image-jpg 

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    Congrats Bro,

    Welcome to the club! Somewhere John D'Angelico is well pleased. One of his timeless works of art is in the hands of a man who will do it justice.

    May it inspire your playing for many years to come!



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    A very, very Merry Christmas to you, Joe! This will forever be one of your best presents to yourself.

    It may need no amplification at all. Maybe a nice ribbon mic.... ;-)

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    Superb, very pretty, now looking forward to the audio/video . Congratulations !

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    Hi Joe D,

    Wow and double Wow! That's just beautiful. And it sounds like the sound is a really winner too. I know what you mean about the balance.

    It's reassuring when a good things happen to great people. Me thinks it's a keeper for the rest of your life. So happy for you.

    I missed what strings you've got on right now. I'm staring to really bond with the Martin 80/20 13's that I told you that I wasn't so keen on before.

    Just for comparison, my A-1 is exactly 17" lower bout, 3 3/8 depth, exactly 25" scale, and 1 3/4 nut width. Bridge is identical to mine. And we both share the non-adjustable truss rod feature :-) The neck angle on yours looks great from the photos.

    Congrats buddy. Enjoy!

    Cheers, Chris

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    You can't spell D'Angelico without 'dang!'

    Rotated some images for ya:

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    A magnificent guitar in eminently worthy hands. Congratulations, Joe, and play it in good health!

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    Dunno bout you guys, but those stands without a neck lock scare the crappenzola out of me, take care of her and good luck!

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    You will make it sing ! Congrats !

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    Superb. It's in good hands. The force awakens.

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    I can add nothing to what has already been said about this beautiful instrument
    it is incredulous that an 80 year old guitar can be in such good condition, it has
    obviously had much TLC, like everyone here I'm eager to hear "Darn that
    Dream" on your masterpiece. An appropriate song I must say.

    Long may you be its keeper.

    Best , Alan

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    Congrats, Joe.

    A truly beautiful instrument. Enjoy!

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    Its really gorgeous. This is pure classic acoustic Archtop design at its best.
    I know it's been a long road of guitar acquisitions, trades and sales to finally own this pc- but you will find that owning a D'Angelico is a very special feeling - since it's the standard by which all else is judged - and YOU now own one.

    The balance and volume of DA' s are so good you will begin to hear notes within chords that you may never have heard on other guitars.

    Wishing you many years of enjoyment.

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    i know you're selling the wes too! wow. well we have to make these decisions don't we. it was incredibly hard for me to let go of my andersen AND my campellone to get my L5. but i'll never regret it.

    this guitar looks like a dream. the proportions (headstock - rims - lower bout - scale length) seem amazing - and the colour is just sunburst perfection. perhaps unsurprisingly i think those solid block inlays are just the best.

    i realized after i got the L5 that i'm a sunburst man all the way. i don't know what it is about it - but i just love them when they're done well. the shading on that lower bout is the best i've seen i think. i suppose that should not be surprising.

    i'm sure you'll have a fantastic time gradually making it play perfectly for you. i don't know if finding the right pickup (which i would certainly try to do despite the obvious worries) will involve getting a replica pick guard made. but if it does i'm sure you'll be able to source one that works very well. i bet jason lollar's js pickup would be hard to beat. i've tired one on a top end guild d'angelico (new one) and it sounded really really great.

    like everyone else i'm looking forward to hearing the thing.

    i'm delighted it got to you safely and that the waiting-stress is over for you.

    here's to a long and satisfying musical partnership!

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    Congratulations Joe...I hope that it takes you to new places musically!

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    Wow Joe! I was just on the other thread writing you at the same time you were putting this thread out. That is as good as you can get! It's what we all dream about. Not all can have one. You are now in an elite group and will be I'm sure, for the rest of your life. Now go to work! It's 6:20am!

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    That merely looks all right....

    D'Angelico Excel-gollum2-jpg


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    You married up, guy, but you married well!

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    You are well deserving such a guitar,Joe!

    You must be a sort of musical genius!When I think You learned to play (extremely well) jazz in only one year between 2011 and 2013!!
    I took years to become able to play jazz.

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    I say this statement without a shred of hyperbole: John made some of the most beautiful instruments in the history of the world, and this is one of them.

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    Congratulations Joe.

    An all too rare example of things as they should be - -

    A classic masterpiece instrument, in the appreciative hands of a player whose music will always do it justice.

    All the best Joe.


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    Congratulations Joe, on your acquisition of what may be the most beautiful and aesthetically perfect guitar I 've ever seen. I swear I could almost hear a chord rich , "Stella By Starlight" emanating from those gorgeous photographs !
    Play her for ever and cherish her unique and never to be duplicated artistry !

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    Ha, the request lines are open apparently. Free Bird!