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Modern Time - Guide To Jazz Guitar Rhythm


A Guide to Jazz Guitar Rhythms
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There are three main elements of music which form the foundation of modern music, including jazz: harmony, melody and rhythm. As a test, ask yourself, what order do you place these items in the practice room?

When I ask this question to my private students and in clinics, the answer is always the same.

  • Harmony
  • Melody
  • Rhythm

Now ask yourself, “Is this the best order or material to get the most out of your practicing?”

After teaching jazz guitar for over 20 years, I’ve realized that many players struggle with fundamental time and rhythm issues. They understand harmonic and melodic material, but they lack the same control when it comes to rhythms and rhythmic ideas in their playing.

For these reasons, I’ve maintained a thorough focus on rhythmic material with my students during this time period. This has produced visible results in their technique, practicing and performing. After teaching these concepts privately for almost 20 years, I’m sharing this material with you for the first time with the Modern Time eBook.

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What Will You learn?

  • How to play accurate rhythms, not just “slow” and “fast.”
  • How to bring more rhythmic variety into your solos.
  • How to hear and recognize common rhythms from recordings.
  • How to develop rhythmic motives in your jazz guitar solos.
  • How to play authentic Brazilian and Cuban rhythms.
  • And much more

With the Modern Time eBook You Get:

  • Printable 125-Page PDF eBook.
  • Over 135 musical examples with tab and notation.
  • Audio examples for all tabs and exercises.
  • Detailed explanations for every common jazz guitar rhythm.
  • 19 backing tracks to practice the examples.
  • And much more

Modern Time Chapter Topics:

  • Rhythmic Durations
  • Rhythmic Pairing
  • Rhythmic Retrograde
  • Rhythmic Mirroring
  • Rhythmic Transposition
  • Rhythmic Accents
  • Brazilian Rhythms
  • Cuban Rhythms
  • And More...


What People Are Saying About Modern Time:

“Matt’s book presents the basic elements of rhythm, then offers systematic approaches to developing and manipulating rhythmic motives, accents, and groupings. The book is systematic, logical, and developmental – allowing one to apply progressively more sophisticated concepts.” – John Stein (Berklee College)

“The subject of rhythmic motivic development is often neglected in most jazz education courses. This book goes a long way towards remedying that. The material is laid out in a lucid, articulate and thorough manner, and gives the student the tools they need to progress in this important area.” – Ben Monder (Guitarist with Maria Schneider and David Bowie)

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